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Bammers Football Funny Video

Bammer Pays the Piper

A few weeks ago, I received this picture from an Auburn fan basking in the fruits of Antoine Carter, Cam Newton, and many others’ labor.

What you are seeing is a Bammer wearing an Auburn garter. Obviously there was a bet made and obviously he’s paying up, but it didn’t end there.

Last night, I received a link to a video of the aforementioned-and-photographed Bammer speaking all the truths of the world. I especially like one of the lines near the end (you’ll never guess which one), and I really love the graphic in the background straight from this post.

Honestly, I would have gone for another take and made sure he said these words with conviction, but at least he had to go through with it. 28-27.

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KrisKinnus 12/20/2010 at 12:03 pm

Shame that Bammer, BOS style.


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