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Week 11 Predictions: I May Be Psychic

Last week I picked Texas A&M to beat Mississippi State 38-17. They beat them 38-13. I picked Alabama to lose to LSU 17-14. They won 21-17 after the miracle drive. I picked Auburn to win 45-7. Cody Parkey missed a field goal and the final score was 42-7. I’ve said it all year long. Get on this train, folks. I ain’t slowing down.

Last Week: 7-2
This Week: 4-4

Overall: 88-26 (77.2%)


Arkansas at South Carolina – The Gamecocks will not have the services of Lattimore. The Razorbacks will not have the services of a coach who’s brain exists and functions within the laws of this dimension. This will be a boring game between a team without their star and without a chance to make it to Atlanta, and a team that has had about as bad a season as Auburn.

South Carolina 34, Arkansas 13

South Carolina 38, Arkansas 20SUCCESS!

UL-Lafayette at Florida – Isn’t it funny how Florida always seems to end their season against two creampuffs and then a creampuff with a big name in Florida State? Their last six games of the season all take place in the state of Florida. That’s not that big of state, but if you go by the number of Electoral College votes, it’s HUGE.

Florida 48, UL-Lafayette 7

Florida 27, UL-Lafayette 20SUCCESS!

Missouri at Tennessee Can somebody please wake me up? I’d rather watch the first half of the Auburn-Texas A&M game than deal with this slate. Missouri is better with James Franklin playing, and Tennessee appears to have completely gone off the wagon, but I guess I’ll go with them since it’s a home game.

Tennessee 27, Missouri 21

Missouri 51, Tennessee 48 – FAILURE

Texas A&M at Alabama – As much as I want to think that the Aggies have the offense to finally run past Alabama, I think back to the two games where they have played against decent defenses (Florida, LSU). Johnny Manziel was held to his lowest totals of the season and they lost both games. Alabama has a decent defense, and the game is in Hel… I mean Tuscaloosa.

Alabama 31, Texas A&M 20

Texas A&M 29, Alabama 24FAILURE

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss – …and back to snoozefest. Vandy blew out Kentucky last week, and Ole Miss got semi-blown out by Georgia. No real surprises there. Ole Miss will win because it’s at home and because I heard their quarterback cut his hair. That’s always good for something.

Ole Miss 28, Vanderbilt 17

Vanderbilt 27, Ole Miss 26FAILURE

Mississippi State at LSU – Remember when Mississippi State was 7-0? They could very easily end up 7-5. LSU will make them 7-3 this weekend. #frontloadedschedules

LSU 31, Mississippi State 14

LSU 37, Mississippi State 17SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Oregon State at Stanford – Do you remember about 10-15 years ago when it was cool to wear hats of other teams with funny mascots? Just me? Well Oregon State was mine. It was 8th grade, and I loved my Beavers hat. Therefore, I’ve never had a problem with them really. They beat USC a few times and they usually have a shot against Oregon, so I don’t mind them. They’re having a pretty good year and I think they’ll knock off the trees.

Oregon State 37, Stanford 28

Stanford 27, Oregon State 23FAILURE

Kansas State at TCU – It’s possible that Kansas State QB Collin Klein, brother of Calvin, won’t be able to play. The reports are good right now, but if he’s out that could definitely shake things up. TCU is not the TCU of past seasons, but they are still pretty good.

I’m going to assume Klein will play and the Wildcats will be their normally high-flying selves.

Kansas State 42, TCU 20

Kansas State 23, TCU 10  SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Florida State at Virginia Tech (11/8) – Virginia Tech lives for Thursday night games. They are the kings of of Thursday night games. This is the exact type of game that they are known for winning and the exact type of game that Florida State is known for losing. Beamer Ball > Jimbo.

Virginia Tech 24, Florida State 20

Florida State 28, Virginia Tech 22FAILURE

Twitter Prediction

Georgia at Auburn – It’s amazing what a win will do for you. The positivity returns this week with everyone that picked a win saying it would come as a miracle upset. That’s fine. I can deal with that. There wasn’t anything too crazy which shows me that this week it’s all business. Just win, baby.

Auburn 24, Georgia 21

Georgia 38, Auburn 0FAILURE

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Thissideofparadise 11/08/2012 at 8:38 pm

I suppose you have to pick the upset, but I’m sure you realize that Auburn won’t even come close to pulling off the upset. Georgia has too much on the line, too much talent, and too much Jarvis Jones for this pitiful Auburn team to win. The Tigers have sunk so low that even UGA fans feel sympathetic. After all, a rivalry is no fun when your rival can’t scrape out a win in the conference (even over Vandy!), and have to squeak by Louisiana-Monroe in overtime.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Somewhere in Charlotte your one-hit-wonder, Cam, is pouting and feeling nostalgic as he realizes his glory days have already passed him by. Meanwhile, Chizik’s wife is speaking in tongues on Facebook, and security guards are wasting AU funds to ensure your players aren’t doing stupid shit after curfew. Murray will have his revenge this Saturday, and Bama’s fans will be licking their chops.

You might as well begin daydreaming about next season. Too bad Newton will still be striking a Superman pose (down by several touchdowns) in the NFL, as his former school/employer scrambles to rebuild a devastated program, humiliated with the realization that its chief rival just won a second consecutive national championship.

War damn eagle!

WDE cc11 11/08/2012 at 11:51 pm

^Stupid Bammer

Beetlebrox75 11/09/2012 at 4:43 am

What WDE Cc11 said.

Joe 11/09/2012 at 7:29 am

GREAT pick on the Georgia-Auburn game. Makes a lot of sense. Auburn really put it to that 1-7 New Mexico State team, and they are riding high on a 1 game win streak.

I’ll go ahead and make your Iron Bowl pick for you: Auburn 38 Alabama 17.

Michael 11/09/2012 at 9:07 am

Look bama fans you just need to worry about what you are going to do when Kirby smart leaves for rocky top and let us worry about auburn wmfe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave 11/10/2012 at 11:24 pm

As a Bama fan, I couldn’t agree more. After how UGA looked today in the 1st half combined with a second consecutive blah performance, Alabama can’t worry about what happens on the Plains. We need to worry about us.

Plus, for some of us, what’s going on at Auburn isn’t a thing to be celebrated.


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