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Ranking the SEC (after Week 9)

There aren’t too many drastic changes to the poll this week. Florida’s loss obviously shook things up a little bit. Losing Lattimore hurt the Gamecocks, even though they won. Somehow losing by 42 points didn’t cause Auburn to drop because you can’t drop much further than where they were last week.

1. Alabama – Yeah, yeah, yeah, they keep winning. They still ain’t played nobody tho’.

2. LSU – The Bengal Tigers have the chance to jump up to the #1 spot if they can knock of the Tide in Baton Rouge this weekend, but it’s likely they won’t score a single point.

3. Florida – I knew they were paper Gators. They’ve had a nice season, but if you lose to a team that lost to South Carolina by four touchdowns and barely beat Kentucky, then you weren’t what everybody thought. Even still, they are better than Georgia as a whole.

4. Georgia – Yes, Georgia lost badly to South Carolina, but right now South Carolina has no Lattimore and Shaw appears to be out as well. From here on out, it’s not that strong.

5. Texas A&M – I take that back, the Aggies are going to be for real. If they had a little better defense they could be up in the top three. I know the beatdown is still fresh so my opinion could be a little skewed, but their offense is legit.

6. South Carolina – Like I said, Lattimore is out and Shaw is for some time. This is not the same team that was tricking everybody into thinking they were a top-10 team earlier this season.

7. Mississippi State – Welcome back to the real world, you Fightin’ Mullens.

8. Ole Miss The Rebs are the most surprising team of the year so far. That’s what happens when you run the spread successfully.

9. Arkansas – I said last week that I thought the Hawgs had kind of turned the corner. A last second loss to Ole Miss isn’t enough to make me change my mind, but it doesn’t help.

10. Tennessee – Hanging around with Lattimore-less South Carolina should still be commended, I guess. But I think Dooley is gone.

11. Vanderbilt – They beat UMass badly. Yippee.

12. Missouri – They beat Kentucky badly. Yippee

13. Auburn – Thank you so, so, so much Kentucky. Seriously, thank you.

14. Kentucky – The Wildcats are being very nice by keeping Joker around for the rest of the season. Very nice.

If you’d like to, go ahead and put your rankings in the comments below. We can all call each other stupid. It will be fun.

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Stan McCullars 10/30/2012 at 1:35 pm

You really think we could beat Kentucky? Do you think we could if Wallace wasn’t starting? Keep in mind that we have a way of making other defenses look like iron curtains and other offenses look like Oregon.

Patrick 10/30/2012 at 2:08 pm

As much as I love Auburn, I really don’t know if we’re capable of beating Kentucky. They’re one win was against a Kent State team (winning by ~30 points) that has now just recently beat an undefeated Rutgers on the road. Sure, they’re Big East, but it’s better than our win in OT against ULM, a team that upset Arkansas on the road without their starting quarterback and turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the 2012 season.

vancejf 10/30/2012 at 2:57 pm

Is this season over yet?

Chris Brock 10/30/2012 at 11:03 pm

These pesky rules keeping Jeremy Johnson in high school are maddening. Unfortunately, I think at this point, Auburn vs. Kentucky would produce a tie of huge proportions.


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