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Gameday Tweets – Ole Miss

Yesterday was a busy day. It began with a birthday party, then the game, then fighting Auburn and Alabama fans alike on Twitter. I’ve never counted how many words I’ve tweeted in one day, but I did this week. Guess how many. Go ahead. Guess. Ok, you were a little off. It was 948. That’s about twice as long as most of my blogles. I have a problem. Oh well, follow me.


  • GAMEDAY BABBBBBAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • Great to sit down with you. WE @Samantha_Steele: I’m thinkin my celebrity guest picker interview today will be the best one yet.
  • Two nights ago I had a dream about Brandon Cox. Last night I had a dream about Kyle Davis. Guess I love mid-2000 Auburn athletes this week.
  • So THAT’s why. WE @IzzyGould: Injury makes Auburn quarterback Kiehl Frazier doubtful to play against Ole Miss
  • Really? same schedule, too? WE @dennisdoddcbs: Welcome to halfway point of cfb! Duke has four more wins than Auburn.
  • Sticking with the @Under_Armour polo today, but switching back to old faded hat. The hat brought the ULM win. I’m sure of it. #auburn
  • Fixed it. WE @wareagleextra: Vaught-Hemingway: absolutely gorgeous (high school) stadium
  • Today, we are all Tigers… o_O WE @HunterLJohnson: Today, we are all Rebels. #RollRebels
  • #febreeze WE @Aubielicious: @WarBlogle Dude- that shirt was used as draws this week. Gross.
  • Does this mean I’ve made it? Bring it.
  • WE @AUBlog: #Auburn SID Shelly Poe contradicts report of injury for quarterback Kiehl Frazier. Says he’s not injured and is “available.”
  • I’m just gon’ say it: I don’t think Clint Moseley was ever that hurt either. #auburn
  • Doing a little pirate/princess party before kickoff today. #parenthood @BabyBlogle
  • They always do. WE @DWadeK24: @WarBlogle apparently shakers are considered a weapon because they are taking auburn shakers up at the gate.
  • Quality tweets/info so far. Keep up the good work. WE @AntiWarBlogle @WarBlogle I’m just offering AU fans an alternative to your dumb@$$.
  • So no Dismukes… last time he was out, Auburn put up arguably their best offensive performance of the season (Clemson). #tunde #teriyake
  • The last time I watched a game in this garage, something magical happened. It was known as the 2010 Iron Bowl. #auburn

During game:

  • Lehgo. #wareagle
  • Quick, some media member make a joke about a quarterback catching a TD at Ole Miss.
  • Well, that looked pretty good. Nice play calling. #auburn
  • I love Sammie Coates. Talk all you want. #auburn
  • And Boom. #auburn #wareagle
  • And boom again. #auburn #wareagle
  • Parkey drags and Parker bombs. #auburn
  • For those in Oxford, tell me how the band sounds at halftime…. oh wait. #auburn
  • Kinda gave ‘em 10 points, but can’t complain about the point scorage. 17-17 is good for now. #auburn #wareagle
  • Both sides have done well at different times of the game. Time to put it together for the rest of the game. #auburn
  • This game could be summarized as “WALLACE KEEPS IT.” #auburn
  • That’s just not fair. Yes, five people should have made the tackle. But the guy was up because he rolled on Richardson’s arm. #auburn
  • Now a somewhat halfway decent performance is just gonna look stupid.
  • One lucky play turned this into a perceived blowout. Be mad all you want, but that’s the truth. #auburn


  • What did you ppl just watch? It was a 7-pt game, and should have been Auburn’s ball when we “tackled” the guy who rolled over our guy’s arm.
  • I defended the “blowout,” not the loss. No way we should ever lose to Ole Miss, but the amount of points in the 4th were fluky. #auburn
  • Saban hates the spread because his teams struggle against it. All teams struggle against it. Idea: let’s go back to it. #auburn
  • I’d like you to guess the fanbase that is tweeting me the most trash talk right now. Hint: they are doing so while their team is playing.
  • During my own team’s game? No. WE @David26point2: @WarBlogle ….and you NEVER trash talk, do you, Sport?
  • The $77 @UnderArmour polo is now 0-3…. #auburn
  • 100% WE @Aubielicious: I’d rather have a 3 win season with Gene Chizik than a 9 win season with Bobby Petrino.
  • Y’all watch this… Auburn’s special teams are tons better than Alabama’s.
  • The people who say “I wan’t Petrino because I just wanna win” do not understand Auburn… at all. #wareagle
  • Ppl who say this is the worst season ever are like the people who said Bush was the worst. You lived during Earl Brown and James Buchanan?
  • Must be older one without new label.  WE @nat4au @WarBlogle Aubie’s choice of alcohol after today!
  • Petrino lovers, his teams have no defense and are 0-4 against Alabama. On top of the other 50 reasons it’s a terrible idea, you’d want that?
  • Wrong. 1999. WE @bfreezy4: @WarBlogle auburn has never lost to both ole miss and miss state in the same season.. Til this year
  • It’s “you’re”… idiot. WE @swilcox84: @WarBlogle your an idiot. Shutup.
  • Looks like I’m staying in Auburn tonight. Anybody up for a fight club at Toomer’s in about 30 minutes?
  • So this Tennessee-Mississippi State game is the battle of oversized helmet stripes. #overallstoo
  • The South Carolina kicker is the first guy I’ve seen wear glasses inside his helmet since Lucas. No wait, that kid on Little Giants.
  • LSU beat Auburn by two, ending the game with an interception. LSU beat South Carolina by two, ending the game with an interception.
  • Thats funny. I’m going now. WE @jefflockridge: Franklin: “Auburn’s coming in here … it’s going to be 99 percent Vanderbilt fans.”
  • Dan Mullen has done a phenomenal job (of beating Jackson St, Auburn, Troy, S Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee) this year. Cream of the crop.
  • I try. WE @PatrickDever Bc he’s the blogle AU deserves. Bammers hunt him. Bc he can take it. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.
  • I’d like to personally thank Kentucky for… well, you know.
  • Wait, how did I miss the rest of the season? Texas A&M and Louisiana Tech are playing in the Independence Bowl already?

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tyelt 10/15/2012 at 3:43 pm

Time for an Ole Miss recap! Eager to see how folks are reacting this week.


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