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Outback Bowl Review

tigercornerI have posted my Outback Bowl review named “A Good Ending, A Great Start” on‘s Tigers Corner. It’s very review-y. Here’s how it starts:

Moments after the 2010 Outback Bowl ended for the third time, I stormed down the hall cursing Northwestern, anything wearing black and white, and anything related to college football. I had never seen anything of that magnitude in terms of second, third, fourth, or eighty-seventh chances given to a team so that the whole world could feel warm and fuzzy. It seemed as if the entire sports world and universe were all lined up for Northwestern’s first bowl victory since 1949 (if you didn’t know Northwestern hadn’t won a bowl since the 40’s, you must have had the TV turned down). Now that that’s out of my system, here’s somewhat of a review.

You can read the rest here and follow me on Twitter here.

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