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Gameday Tweets – UL-Monroe

Anybody want to give me their AT&T upgrade so I can get the iPhone 5? @BeautifulBlogle won’t give me hers. The reason I ask is because my iPhone 4S died in the 1st quarter yesterday, and I had tweeted maybe ten times and taken maybe six pictures. Therefore, most of my gameday tweets were about pregame, but then turned into fending off Bama fans and commenting on the afternoon/night games. Gotta get something figured out before next weekend.

  • GAMEDAY BAABBBBBBAAAAYYYYYYY!!! (also my 20,000th tweet) #auburn #wareagle
  • Taking the transit to the stadium for the first time today. Don’t think I ever rode one as a student. #auburn #wareagle 
  • Nice little crowd on campus so far. Two Warhawks spotted. #auburn #ulm
  • Big group of Warhawks in face paint just came by. They looked angry. #auburn #ulm
  • Getting the season’s hat. (@ Auburn University Bookstore w/ 2 others)
  • Good to be home. (@ Jordan-Hare Stadium for Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks vs Auburn Tigers w/ @zachpruitt @aurx14) 
  • A techno jam that I do not know the name of for a very short intro video. #auburn
  • A classical piece for a historically rousing second intro video.
  • In case you’re wondering, I’ve already worn three hats during this game. Finally got the right combination. #auburn
  • Phone died in the 1st quarter. Auburn won. Yippee. #wareagle
  • Today was one of the hottest Auburn games I have ever been to. Must have been global warming and all… #wareagleanyway
  • Danielson as McCarron gets his stepped-on hand wrapped up: “maybe he’s covering up one of his tattoos.” You’re welcome anytime, Gary.
  • Oh the Bams are trash talking, so I have to go with the staple…. Auburn vs ULM: 9-0 (Chizik: 2-0). Alabama vs ULM: 1-1 (Saban: 0-1).
  • If you laugh at Auburn’s win over ULM and I respond with your Lord’s record against ULM, then that’s it. That’s all we’re talking about.
  • Good to see LSU is only up 14-0 after 1Q against Idaho. That easily equates to being down 28-0 to a team coming off a hot win. #auburn
  • If you’re not watching Troy-Miss. State on ESPN3, just know that the head ref is a big Megan Mullen fan. Just gave the Dawgs a free TD.
  • Insecurity. WE @bkrogs: @WarBlogle Why do so many Alabama fans follow you? I don’t understand the concept.
  • Earlier this week, I said Miss. State would purposely lose to Troy to make Auburn look worse. They just won by 6 after getting a free TD.
  • The UAB of Kentucky just beat the Alabama of Kentucky. #wku
  • The Sun Belt could have very, very easily gone 3-0 against the SEC today. 1-2 with two close losses instead.
  • Someone called this Stanford upset of USC. Who was it? Oh yeah… ol’ Blogle. 
  • CLASSIC. WE @radiofreeblake: @WarBlogle CLASSIC BLOGLE
  • This USC loss proves once again the stupidity of preseason polls. They are purely born of hype and bandwagoning.
  • Now the people who KNEW that USC was the team to end the SEC’s streak will go on KNOWING some other thing like they weren’t wrong before.
  • The UL-Monroe fans welcomed their team back home tonight: . Very Auburn-y. (via @SouthernPartier)
  • “Now that USC is gone, It’s either an Ala-LSU rematch or Ala-Oregon in the NCG. No reason to play it out.” -Someone who put USC at No. 1.
  • Kindling. WE @MattScalici: Man, there sure are a lot of useless pre-season mags laying around my house right now.
  • Nope. #3 #WDE WE @mnoles12: @WarBlogle You think Auburn is out of the running?
  • Don’t worry, guys. USC may be out, but Notre Dame is 3-0. Just slide them into that 2 spot. #theybeatpurdue #theybeatnavy
  • Last week: “Uh ohhh, this ULM team is pretty good. They gonna send the Barn to 0-3.” This week: “Hahaha, Auburn barely beat ULM.”
  • Did an Alabama fan really poison the trees after losing an Iron Bowl? WE @Bama_Hammer Did Auburn really roll the trees after beating ULM?
  • It wasn’t pretty, but a win is alright. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #auburn #bedtimepoetry

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