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What’s KrAUken for the Iron Bowl?

It’s the day before the Iron Bowl, the peacocks are nervous as they grasp their fragile sense of self-worth, and the veteran Auburn fans are ready. Auburn will look to shake off the performance versus NMSU and perform another miracle. Let’s get into the notes for the week.

1. Let’s get basketball out of the way first. Auburn may have beaten Alabama A&M by 30 but Bruce was still quite frustrated in the second half performance by his team. Whether this is a serious problem down the stretch or was it just because of the opponent remains to be seen. I’m of the opinion it was the latter.

This team is extremely talented offensively, and while the defense has been better than expected, it needs some improvement for down the stretch. Regardless, Bruce expects this team to have a chance to go far with its depth.

2. Now onto football. The only injury note is that Payton Thorne has been seen walking around in a boot around campus. I was told this was just a precaution and nothing more than turf toe. Expect him to play Saturday.

3. I know you’ve heard this at least 3 times this year but this will be the biggest recruiting weekend of the season for Auburn. I expect over 50 recruits combined from the 2024-2026 classes to be there, including all Auburn commits, which is honestly something I haven’t seen in a while. I won’t blabber on with all the names you will see but expect almost every recruit Auburn is working on to be there outside of a few like LJ McCray who be at the Florida/FSU game.

Why wouldn’t you come to the Iron Bowl though? It will be the most electric atmosphere of the weekend even though they refuse to put it as a night game. Any recruit will get a free ticket if they want it. The Iron Bowl always gets us a commit or two whether it be public or silent. Keionte Scott and Connor Lew are two of recent memory that specifically recalled the Iron Bowl as the moment they knew Auburn is the place.

4. For the question of the week I asked my people on staff about the mindset at practice. Hugh said Monday that they were in the process of getting the fog that was the NMSU game out of their head. When asked about this, my guy said ” The fog was definitely gone Tuesdays practice. The page is turned, they know they are outmatched, they know they are not the better team, but none of that matters Saturday with the game starts.

Practices were tough and physical early this week to jolt the mindset towards Alabama. Expect Hugh to be very much a part of the planning for this game as the effort shown in this game regardless of win or loss matters more to recruiting this week. They are in the mindset that they can do this, so let’s see what happens.”

5. I also want to ask people reading this a question this week. What is your favorite upset victory in the Iron Bowl? Give me a response in the comments.

6. Game prediction time. As stated above, we are outmatched and outgunned in this Iron Bowl. Seems very similar to the Iron Bowl two years ago. That was a much better Bama AND Auburn team than the ones that will be on the field Saturday. Auburn will have to give 110% to win this and cause chaos for Bama. All things we have done in the past. Give me Auburn 27-24 on a 55 yard field goal from the great Alex McPherson.

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beAU 11/24/2023 at 8:16 pm

The biggest Iron Bowl upset in history will take place this Saturday. Beau against 200+ chicken bites and a bottle of honey mustard.


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