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Pregame Pep Talks by ‘Blogle (Clemson Edition)

You may have noticed in your readings of this web space that I try to be a little different. I don’t (usually) report stories because I’m not a reporter. I don’t really analyze stats and match-ups because I’m not an analyst. I write a blog where I can post fun things about Auburn and once in a while throw my opinion in there.

Therefore, in the spot where you’d normally find a preview of this weekend’s game, I’ve decided I’m going to scrap that and do something a little different. Basically, I’m going to give Auburn and Auburn fans a little pep talk that could also serve as a little bit of a preview of each game. I’m not sure how it’s going to go or if I’m going to hate the idea by mid-season, but I don’t want to do a preview anymore. Everybody does previews, and you’ve probably read them all, so let me give you something a little different. Here we go.Auburn, you’ve heard everybody say that you’re no good without Cam Newton. Forget the multiple SEC Championships. Forget the fact that you’ve had more undefeated seasons in the last 30 years than any team in the SEC. They think you’re nothing. They think you’re Alabama’s little brother. They think your coach is a one-year wonder who bought one good season. They think you’ll go 6-6 this year. They think that starts this weekend with a loss to Clemson.

Yeah, you remember Clemson. That team that embarrassed you on national TV last year. The team that broke the streak. The team that made you look like the year before was just a fluke. They’re here again. Trying to make that happen again.

The world wants you to lose. They want to see the SEC go down. More importantly they want to see you go down. They want another reason to say that you don’t belong in the elite, that you’ll always be in the shadow of Alabama.

Oh, and Clemson’s coach. Yeah, you know he played at Alabama. You may also remember that he basically spit in your face on national television after beating you last year. Did you like seeing that? I didn’t. Do you want to turn it around him? Then beat him.

Yeah, they don’t have Sammy Watkins. Doesn’t matter. They have plenty to back him up. They have plenty of guys who were there last year and saw what it took to beat you. Are you going let them do that again? Are you going to let them think that they should even be on the field with you?

This is the SEC. They are the ACC. There’s no comparison. Because of that you have a target on your back. They want you down. They brought you down, and they want to do it again. You gonna let ’em?

Defense, you remember them racking up 600 yards on you last year? Offense, you remember them only giving up a field goal in the 2nd half? You’re better than that. We all know it. Now prove it.

Let’s go show them who’s ALL IN and who just puts it on a t-shirt. Let’s go show them what real football is. Let’s go show them that we are Auburn… and we love it.

That felt good. I’m ready to play, aren’t you? Was it too gumpy? I kinda felt a little gumpy at a few parts in there. If so, I’ll try something new next week.

Oh, and since my old previews included a score prediction, I guess I have to throw those in here at the end, too. Although, I’m not sure how I’ll ever keep them under a three touchdown win after pumping myself up like that. Oh well…

Auburn 31, Clemson 23

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Austin1112 08/31/2012 at 4:24 pm

Man, after reading that, I’M ready to play! War Damn!

@jakejones86 08/31/2012 at 5:22 pm

Gave me chills

dadams 09/01/2012 at 7:59 am

This is what I’ve been telling my Clempson grad wife all week. She’s says, “we wear purple, and have this rock thing, and you should see the balloons before the game. Look at our ranking” I’m like, “yeah, we have a rock, too: it’s crystal. Purple sucks, and who cares about an ACC one-hit wonder. Oh, and we have fireworks and smoke before our games, and you should look at our record.” (Though I have to say she’s an AU Vet School grad, too, so I haven’t slept on the couch, yet.)

Paul 09/01/2012 at 8:08 am

Saturday morning in Atlanta. Ready to head to the Georgia Dome. RIGHT. NOW.



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