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Herschel Walker in Auburn Jersey in NCAA Football 13

For whatever reason, a new feature of EA Sports NCAA Football 13, called the Heisman Challenge, will give the user the ability to take various Heisman Trophy winners and place them on another team of their choosing.

In this promo video that was released today, EA decided to melt a few faces by putting Herschel Walker, the 2nd best running back in SEC history, in orange and blue. Of course, he wore the same number as Bo, so it’s not Earth-shattering or anything. It just looks like Bo, but they’re calling him Herschel. Oh well, it’s the summer.

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Robert Jorgensen 05/30/2012 at 5:27 pm

If you notice at the end of the video EA shows the Heisman Hall, with all the portraits of the Heisman winners, yet somehow Mr Cameron Newton’s portrait isn’t there. I’m not sure if they are only showing the portraits of the Heisman winners available for use in the game or if they left him out for some other reason. Though it is too bad you can’t play as Cam; because EA NCAA Football 2011 really underestimated just how awesome Cam could be!! WDE

Sam 05/30/2012 at 11:05 pm

I’m starting to think EA Sports has something against Cam. NCAA 11 featured Tim Tebow (2007 Heisman). NCAA 12 featured a voting system where you voted a player for the cover(out of 4 players…Nick Fairley was among the few). NCAA 13 was another vote in system…RG3 ofcourse won that one. Now I can grant the 2012 version maybe skipping Cam due to the NCAA investigation at the time….however why wasn’t he up for the 2013 voting polls. Really makes me question how bias EA sports is. At least Cam was up for Madden…thats a start. 2014 NCAA Cam Cover? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

sullivan013 05/31/2012 at 6:57 am

Or perhaps playing Cam would be the modern equivalent of Techmo Bo? At that point it would cease being a game and become simply an homage.


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