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Week 5 Predictions: Good Ball on Bye Week

There are actually some decent games this weekend, and it couldn’t come at a better time with Auburn’s bye week. After four weeks of tailgating and traveling, I could take a week off to sit back, predict some games, and watch the money roll in. I’m just kidding. I don’t bet on games. I only play three card poker in Biloxi on the way to Baton Rouge.

Right now my predictions are hitting at a 85.0% click, but my against the spread picks aren’t so desirable. Probably better than yours, though. No? Well prove it.

Last Week: 10-3 (77.0%), ATS at 5-4 (55.6%)
EA NCAA 14: 11-2 (84.6%)
This Week: 13-1 (93.0%), ATS at 3-8 (27.3%)
EA NCAA 14: 12-2 (85.7%)

Overall: 58-9 (86.6%), ATS at 27-29 (48.2%)
EA NCAA 14: 49-18 (73.3%)


South Alabama at Tennessee (-19.5) – Both of these teams have played and beaten Western Kentucky. That’s right, Bobby Petrino lost to South Alabama. Tennessee beat Bobby Petrino by a lot more than South Alabama, so by the transitive property they will beat South Alabama. Not as bad as NCAA 14 thinks, though.

EA: Tennessee 34, South Alabama 0 – SUCCESS!
WB: Tennessee 31, South Alabama 10 – SUCCESS!

Tennessee 31, South Alabama 24

South Carolina (-7) at Central Florida – This is supposed to be a trap game. I guess anytime you play in a small school’s stadium, it’s supposed to be a trap game. That’s what the people selling TV games say. Trap or not, South Carolina won’t fall for it.

EA: South Carolina 38, Central Florida 31 – SUCCESS!
WB: South Carolina 33, Central Florida 17 – SUCCESS!

South Carolina 28, Central Florida 25

Florida (-12.5) at Kentucky Earlier in the season I picked Kentucky to be blown out by Louisville. That did not happen. Florida is without their starting QB for the rest of the year. Kentucky is at home. I think Florida wins, but it will be close for a while.

EA: Florida 24, Kentucky 21 – SUCCESS!
WB: Florida 27, Kentucky 17 – SUCCESS!

Florida 24, Kentucky 7

Texas A&M at Arkansas – The line for this game started off very low. Now there is no line. Something’s up. I don’t know what it is, but I think Texas A&M will drill Bielema as the Manziel-led hurry up kills the front seven for the Hawgs. Right there on the field. Travesty.

EA: Texas A&M 28, Arkansas 14 – SUCCESS!
WB: Texas A&M 41, Arkansas 17 – SUCCESS!

Texas A&M 45, Arkansas 33

UAB at Vanderbilt – Is this a real game? Who would ever want this to happen? I just fell asleep thinking about it.

EA: Vanderbilt 40, UAB 12 – SUCCESS!
WB: Vanderbilt 31, UAB 10 – SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt 52, UAB 24

Arkansas State at Missouri (-21) – People are starting to get a little high on Missouri because it’s week 5 and they haven’t lost yet. Let’s see, they’ve beaten Murray State, Toledo, and Indiana. WATCH OUT! TIGERS ON THE LOOSE. I mean, they’ll win (while giving up a lot of points), but let’s slow down. The line on this one is kinda crazy by the way.

EA: Missouri 30, Arkansas State 29 – SUCCESS!
WB: Missouri 38, Arkansas State 28 – SUCCESS!

Missouri 41, Arkansas State 19

LSU at Georgia (-3) – I’m really torn on this one. They are both good, but they both have weaknesses. I think LSU will run for a ton, and Georgia will pass for a ton. I still think LSU is more complete, though. They’ll win semi-convincingly.

EA: Georgia 45, LSU 28 – SUCCESS!
WB: LSU 38, Georgia 24 – FAILURE

Georgia 44, LSU 41

Ole Miss at Alabama (-14.5) – Everybody wants this to be a good game because it’s fun to say Ole Miss is a dark horse. They are not a dark horse. They are a slightly better than normal Ole Miss. It might be close in the 1st half because Alabama is not as good as everyone lazily wants them to be, but the Tide will pull away late in the game.

EA: Alabama 30, Ole Miss 23 – SUCCESS!
WB: Alabama 34, Ole Miss 20 – SUCCESS!

Alabama 25, Ole Miss 0

And now for the national games to fill out the pick ’em slate…

SMU at TCU (-19.5) – Meh, we want to act like TCU is the TCU that dominated the Mountain West for years. Now they are a mediocre at best Big 12 team. The problem with SMU is that they are worse than that. The Horned Frogs will gore the ‘stangs with their horns. Frogs have horns?


TCU 48, SMU 17

Virginia at Pittsburgh (-5) – Pitt beat Duke 58-55 last week. I can assure you I have never seen that score in football. I had to double check and make sure I wasn’t accidentally looking at the basketball score. Virginia has been blown out by Oregon and had a few lackluster wins. Playing at Ketchup Stadium will be enough for the Panthers.

EA: Virginia 28, Pittsburgh 24 – FAILURE
WB: Pittsburgh 31, Virginia 17 – SUCCESS!

Pittsburgh 14, Virginia 3

Florida State (-21.5) at Boston College – Florida State is in the upper echelon of the ACC. I’m not sure how good that makes them. Boston College has won a few but lost badly to a mediocre USC team. Wow these two teams have beaten nobody, but the ‘Noles are better. NCAA 14 is on crack.

EA: Boston College 31, Florida State 28 – FAILURE
WB: Florida State 45, Boston College 17 – SUCCESS!

Florida State 48, Boston College 34

Iowa (-1) at Minnesota – Iowa is favored? In a football game? Well, it is Minnesota, but I mean come on… Slow down NCAA 14.

EA: Iowa 35, Minnesota 0 – SUCCESS!
WB: Iowa 27, Minnesota 21 – SUCCESS!

Iowa 23, Minnesota 7

Army (-1.5) at Louisiana Tech – This game is here because of chose it. I don’t have a clue, but I always go with America. Army wins.

EA: Army 31 , Louisiana Tech 28 – SUCCESS!
WB: Army 28, Louisiana Tech 17 – SUCCESS!

Army 35, Louisiana Tech 16

Wisconsin at Ohio State (-7) – Oh, it’s the 2nd biggest game of the Big Ten year… and nobody cares.

EA: Ohio State 38, Wisconsin 19 – SUCCESS!
WB: Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 27 – SUCCESS!

Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 24

Now use all of the knowledge you just gained and go make your picks. If you’re not taken directly to the group after you login/register, just go to the groups link and search ‘warblogle.’ Remember, each week is separate. If you missed last week, no excuses.

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Bill 09/26/2013 at 2:48 pm

I really don’t understand why you are so down on Vanderbilt? They are the 4th best team in the SEC East right now, and they will probably beat Florida later in the year to move to 3rd.

The WarBlogler 09/26/2013 at 3:20 pm

Because I hate unwarranted little man love. People want Cinderellas so bad they make them up. 4th best in the East? Stop the presses.

Bill 09/26/2013 at 4:28 pm

No one is saying they are a cinderella. But compared to the Vandy of years gone by, they are so much better. All I’m saying is you act like they are the same Vandy from 5 years ago, when they deserve much more credit than that.


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