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Gameday Tweets – South Carolina

For the first time this season, I spent an Auburn Saturday at home. That meant tons of football was watched via six screens (pic tweeted below), but in terms of tweeting, it also meant no service problems and unlimited WiFi. Because of that, there were tweets a’plenty. I’ve split them up into pregame, halftime, and postgame to make things easier. Enjoy and War Eagle, fly down the field.


  • I’ve sent you pictures from campus each week this season, it’s only fair that you do it for me this week. #auburn
  • Like actually grilling? WE @MsPotts_ESPN I see you @espn4d grilling #Saban. #Bama #GameDay
  • Shouldn’t it be the Southeast Classic? WE @schadjoe Pregame Arkansas vs A&M
  • Paul Rhoads looks very different than how he looked at Auburn….as expected.
  • There will be blood. WE @mbs0010 @WarBlogle
  • WE @KegsnEggs The last time South Carolina beat Auburn, the average US salary was $1,500 per year.
  • Just put in a little Insanity work. Now it’s time for the Tigers to go insane on the #lamecocks. #wareagle
  • Today’s SEC game winners: Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Fresno State, Auburn. #notsafepicks
  • That’s almost Bammertastic. WE @kerripender: @WarBlogle Dear Cocks, Don’t try so hard. You just look pathetic.
  • Has anybody made a “Not So Fast To Your Mom” t-shirt yet? If not, I got dibs. #corso‘d #gameday
  • And one completion. WE @JHokanson Auburn RB commit TJ Yeldon had 105 yards rushing and two touchdowns last night…on THREE carries. Decent.
  • Oh that was a big hit on Aaron Murray. Is the whole team going to rush the field soon? #uga
  • Does Mississippi State have “unfinished” (not shiny) helmets? Have I missed this all season? #bullpups
  • So that’s why you didn’t go there… WE @AUKB18 Ark is not only embarrassing to the SEC they r embarrassing themselves. #terrible
  • Wait, Richt stole “Energy Vampires” from Chizik? Or did they read the same book? Why have my last three tweets been questions?
  • Some sort of prize to the first person to show me a @WarBlogle presence in Columbia. #auburn #lamecocks
  • Tiger Walk sign in Columbia. WE @toomuchmonth
  • WE @FootballAU: Auburn has arrived at Williams-Brice Stadium. #WarEagle
  • I just spotted two painted-up UGA fans doing a bro-tastic handshake. Cool dudes!
  • Paul Ellen just said TROvon Reed. Come on man! #auburn #wareagleanywy
  • Traffic? WE @auburnbeat Kickoff time has been set for 2:45 p.m. CT, which is about 15 minutes later than originally planned.
  • Rip the shirt off. WE @jpharris760 @WarBlogle What is a proper response when you War Eagle someone in Auburn T-shirt & they say “Thank You”?
  • Ma’am thats not my hand! WE @Szvetitz Gus Malzahn goes through Tiger Walk prior to the Auburn-South Carolina game.
  • Video from Tiger Walk: (via @bittyhin). #auburn #wareagle #lamecocks
  • Just realizing that MSU doesn’t normally wear white facemasks either. If not for the uncommon white pants today, they’d look just like TAMU.
  • Am I about to go lace up my gameday kicks just to sit in my recliner and watch Auburn? You dang right. #wareagle
  • Navy and Air Force are going to OT on CBS. CBS moved the Auburn game to 2:45 about an hour ago. HOW DID THEY KNOW?!
  • Here’s to many grass stains on Spurrier’s visor today. #lamecocks #auburn
  • “You really need your hat and shoes on?” – @BeautifulBlogle. <childish chuckle> – Me
  • WE @JoshatTheState: Under Armour confirms S. Carolina is switching uniforms before it takes field. Black numbers on black jerseys not good.
  • WE @JoshatTheState: SEC protested South Carolina jerseys.
  • Alright, Air Force wins in OT. Switch to Auburn, CBS.
  • Doing it right. WE @laurenRR @WarBlogle Pregame videos from @brooksw44 condo:
  • It’s game time. Might see you at halftime. Might not. WDE. #auburn #wareagle #lamecocks


  • I’m really glad that my Twitter feed usually doesn’t work on game days. I know we should be up at least two touchdowns, but dang…
  • If Auburn can play this much better (putting my index finger and thumb close together), they’ll score a lot of points and win this game.


  • As I’ve said far too many times lately, well at least we won. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • How about that Lutzie remix? I like the original better, but I’ll take it. #auburn #wareagle
  • Before you talk about how bad things were remember that NOBODY picked Auburn to win. And that’s just what they got… a top 10 SEC road win.
  • Now I’ll say it: remember the last time South Carolina beat Auburn? I don’t and neither does my grandmother. #wareagle #lamecocks
  • Mark Ingram just called Lattimore and said “don’t worry man, with those stats, the Heisman is yours to lose.”
  • Toomer’s right now: (via @RichardPettey). #auburn #wareagle
  • I think the key to the Lutzie throwback is tricking the crowd into thinking a sack is about to happen. It really rips their hearts out.
  • WE @AubOrange Even if they stopped the clock, 1 second has to run off on a spike by rule. Gah, some people are dumb.
  • And this next award goes to #auburn #wareagle
  • Who thinks Lattimore regrets the day he did the ol’ hat switch? #lamecocks #auburn
  • Not just that he chose USC over Auburn, but the way he did it. Kinda seems like he’s getting a little payback doesn’t it? #lamecocks
  • Auburn sunset over South Carolina. WE @BethGoffMB
  • Hate to say I told you so. WE @AUBlog Mike Dyer has outrushed Marcus Lattimore, 305-183, in their teams’ three meetings.
  • Auburn is 1-0 in the month of October. Four to go. #wareagl
  • WE @JoshatTheState South Carolina ran four plays from Auburn territory in its 16-13 loss.
  • Oooohhh chest tat is pumped.
  • Text from former Auburn wide receiver Jeris McIntyre: “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” He’s enjoying the win. #wareagle
  • Birmingham tweeps, the #1 Auburn golf team will be playing at Old Overton Club Sunday, all day Monday, and Tuesday. Go watch.
  • This has probably been said many times, but Auburn’s defense held South Carolina to 2 of 13 on 3rd down conversions. That’s improvement.
  • New Blogle: South Carolina Review (Abridged) #auburn #wareagle #lamecocks
  • The Wisconsin student section singing “Fill me up buttercup” in unison might be the ga…. Nevermind.
  • Apparently every player on Alabama and Wisconsin’s teams will win every individual award known to man. End the season right now.
  • All I know is that everything we usually think after week 5 ALWAYS holds true till the end of the season. EVERY year! Am I right?!?!
  • 4 and 1 and that’s alright, War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #bedtimepoetry #auburn #wareagle

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