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SEC Championship Game iPhone Dump

I have officially cleaned out my iPhone from this weekend, giving you this video and these pictures. A few notes about the video: there is no game footage, besides the last play, because I know somebody with lawyers will complain. It does, however, contain footage of the usual pregame video which absolutely embarrassed South Carolina’s. Seriously, their’s looked like something made the 70’s.

Oh, and South Carolina, I know the song from 2001: A Space Odyssey is sorta your thing, but it sure did line up nicely with Auburn’s pre-game punt/hyped huddle before they took it to the locker room. It sure did pump me up. It just wasn’t your day before the game even started.

Sorry there isn’t much (or any) post-game celebration video, my phone died right where this video ends. It tried it’s best.

The last little bit is video of the band’s buses driving past Toomer’s as they returned from Atlanta. There’s something about buses, sirens, and toilet paper that sure is exciting.

Mobile readers view it here.

Here’s the pictures that Beautiful Blogle and I got, half are from Toomer’s, which was still rocking four hours after the game when we go back to Auburn. The last one is the picture from our car after we got Toomer bombed.


And a few more shots of Toomer’s from the textual army, including a picture of an Oregon Duck who wanted to see what to expect in a month or so:

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