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Gameday Tweets – Clemson

The cell service in Clemson was much better than on a game day in Auburn. That probably has a lot to do with their being about 30,000 less people on their campus. Actually, that’s being generous. Make that 50,000. The only thing I couldn’t get to go through was my video of Tiger Walk, and by the time the game was over, I don’t think anybody wanted to see it anymore. War Eagle anyway.

  • GAMEDAY BABBBBBAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • It’s chilly and overcast in Clemson on this late Summer’s morn. #auburn
  • Three hours before kickoff and I just parked in a parking spot on Clemson’s campus. They don’t care here. #auburn
  • Clemson has balloons! Wheeeeeee!!!!! #auburn
  • The weather in Clemson is perfect for football. The only problem is that I’m dressed for mid-July. #shortsandnojacketyay #auburn
  • Auburn dude in orange from head to toe says “Did I miss the memo of orange fans wearing blue today?” Uh, yeah.
  • They can tailgate literally right outside the stadium and they actually use their tailgate. #clemson #auburn
  • A convergence of Tiger Walks: #auburn #wareagle
  • Well it took a while, but finally heard some trash talk. “No Cam Newton this year.” Really? Dang it. #clempson
  • Clemson is not only Auburn with a lake. It’s Auburn in the early 90’s before they started tearing out of date buildings down.
  • The Auburn buses are a little late if you’re in Clemson and want to get over to Gate 10. Opposite endzone of the Rock. #wareagle
  • Got some really good video of Tiger Walk. Trying to upload it now. #auburn
  • Spirit made the trip. War Eagle. #auburn
  • The @AUMB is here. #wareagle
  • Well hello, Mrs. Chizik and @kristi_malzahn. #wardamncoacheswives #auburn
  • I feel like I can touch the sun. #auburn #clemson
  • Clemson’s warm-up was relatively quick. Uniform switch? #auburn
  • If you are a BCS school and have a grass hill for students to sit on inside your stadium, just quit.
  • Never take @AUHD for granted. Never. #auburn
  • Clemson just polluted the atmosphere with no less than three million latex balloons. #auburn
  • Kickoff. Be back in a bit. Let’s do this. #auburn #wareagle
  • Every fan base has “those fans” and ours is sitting right behind me. #auburn #wareagleanyway
  • The “fan” behind me hasn’t seen an Auburn defense he’s liked in a long time. You mean Chizik didn’t ask for your approval first?
  • Auburn’s worst “fan” has left. We’re back in this thing.
  • I bet @rossenator22 needs to change his shorts. Benton! #auburn
  • #wareagleanyway
  • The Clemson students rushing the field shows what beating Auburn means to the world. Semi-proud of that. #wareagleanyway
  • Well, I guess 17 out of the last 18 ain’t so bad. Who else can say that right now? #auburn #wareagleanyway
  • Now that the sting of this loss has worn off, I’ve realized that last year is going to hold me over for a little while. #BCS365 #wareagle
  • Will do, and thanks for your support of!!!!! WE @KennyD53 @WarBlogle enjoy your ride home.
  • Here I am. WE @erinellisyah I may or may not be the WarBlogler #auburn #wareagle @WarBlogle
  • Talk about schizo:
  • There’s a group of people in Clemson gear with two in Alabama gear that were at the game. #killyoself (@ Zaxby’s)
  • They play FSU next week. Guess they’re ready? RT @BenBloodworth @WarBlogle Clemson’s student section breaking out the FSU chop. Why?
  • Back home from Clemson. Dang it, we had ’em. Gotta grow up and get better. #wareagleanyway #auburn
  • If someone flies me there. WE @wardamnphil @WarBlogle T’was nice running into you as always. You going to Columbia in a couple weeks?
  • After 2004, I never want Oklahoma in the NC game ever again, so let’s go FSU.
  • @Culligan27 You just worry about your team and I’ll worry about mine. Auburn beat Alabama the last time they played, right? Right, Cullen?
  • Brandon Fulse. Lutz’s backup. WE @AubOrange Was that Chris Davis I saw on a lot of offensive plays today? What was the deal with that?
  • Alright tweeps, I woke up at 6, watched Auburn lose their first game since 2009, and then drove 250 miles. I’m going to sleep. #wareagle

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Tracey Y 09/18/2011 at 9:13 pm

FYI…Clemson lets their fans on the field after every game.

The WarBlogler 09/18/2011 at 9:16 pm

I understand that, but the stadium announcer asked for fans to stay off the field until the players were gone. When the clock hit zero, they jumped over the wall and rushed to the center of the field in a frenzy, AKA rushing the field. It wasn’t just making their way down at their leisure as they may do in all other games.

Pat Bryant 09/19/2011 at 9:07 am

You know last year when we visited- even though we lost- I couldn’t say enough good things about everything. Campus, fans and tradition.

All your tweets are complaining. About everything. Perhaps you should stay home.

Goodness. Be happy. :)


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