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Roundtable of Tigers Past – Talking Openers, Predictions

In the first installment of this season’s “Roundtable of Tigers Past”, I welcome Kodi Burns to the group. As you’ll remember from last year, Jeris McIntyre, Cole Cubelic, and Bret Eddins were nice enough to answer a few questions each week, and they’ve agreed to take part this season as well. Bret wasn’t available for this week, but hopefully he’ll join us soon. If there are any questions you’d like answered, just post them in the comments below.

Jeris McIntyre. A star receiver for the Tigers from 2000-2003. After his career at Auburn, Jeris was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2004 NFL Draft. After concluding his pro football career, Jeris became an Executive Producer for the sports reality show “Outside The League” on Jeris is also part owner of Pro Productions, LLC and Suca Pipe Supply, Inc.

Kodi Burns. Kodi is that guy who helped bring home the 2010 National Championship. Kodi is that guy who showed us what it means to be an Auburn man. Kodi is that guy every coach wants to coach. If you don’t, just leave now. Go. Get. Then follow him on Twitter at @AUKB18.

Cole Cubelic. Since graduating from Auburn, where he was one of the team’s permanent captains in 2000, Cubelic has done color commentating for CSS during Auburn replays and PPV broadcasts. He also currently hosts “Cube and the Kid” on Huntsville’s 97.7 The Zone. Follow him on twitter at @colecubelic.

1. As a player, what was your major concern going into the opening game of the season?

Jeris: There were never really any major concerns. After a long training camp, players are excited to get on the field and hit somebody else. I can’t really speak for other players, but I was never really concerned going into a game. Maybe a little nervous. but not concerned.

Kodi: Not too many concerns because you are just so ready to play.

Cole: Just at how the young guys would react. Also how new formations/plays would work. There was a lot more anticipation than concern, though.

2. Is there one opener from your career that stands out and why?

Jeris: My first game in Jordan Hare Stadium. It was a Thursday night ESPN game against Wyoming. The crowd was crazy and I was so nervous. I did a pretty good job, got my first career catch, and we won, so I was pretty happy with that.

Kodi: My freshman year, just playing in Jordan-Hare for the very first time.

Cole: Appalachian State, 1999. It was the first one I started and the way it ended was pretty cool. It rejuvenated Leard’s career and that was cool.

3. What are your thoughts about this year’s team? Predictions?

Jeris: Ask me this same question next week!

Kodi: This is going to be a special year. Win, lose, or draw these guys are extremely talented, and they are going to have some exciting games.

Cole: Lots of growing pains. Schedule has as tough a one month stretch as I’ve seen. But I have confidence in the coaching staff that stayed about 95% in tact. That goes a long way. The players are athletic and talented, but the lack of experience is a concern. I think they surpass the 6-7 win mark that most people are forecasting.

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Well, Kodi called it! Exciting doesn’t begin to describe what we saw

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