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Brandon Jacobs Dances to T-WILL, Still Pulls for Auburn

When I saw Brandon Jacobs out at the ESPYs (no, I won’t let it go), I had reservations about interviewing him because I was unsure if he’d want to answer any Auburn-related questions given the fact that he left after his junior season due to lack of playing time.

You will remember that he was a big, bruising back that just happened to go to Auburn at the same time as Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams, and somewhat understandably got lost in the depth chart behind two 1st-rounders. He ended up being drafted by the New York Giants and has arguably had a better pro career than Brown or Williams.

In this video (ganked from @T_WILL4REAL), he pretty much answers who he pulls for, while also showing us what he does whenever one of T-Will’s song comes on the radio.

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