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Auburn Fans Party Out West with Sir Charles

Last Sunday night, a few (ahem, a few thousand) lucky Auburn fans were given the opportunity to attend an A-list party at Shade Lounge at the W Scottsdale hosted by Charles Barkley. The party was called Legends of Auburn and was attended by multiple Auburn alum/athletes and many of Charles’s friends from around the sports world.

I was asked by one of the club’s managers to promote the party and compile a list of Auburn fans staying in Scottsdale that wanted to attend. I expected a few, but I got thousands. At last count, I received 1013 emails requesting to be put on the list. Most had an average of four names; some had over thirty. Obviously, the party was huge, but not just in numbers. Names like Steve Nash, Donovan McNabb, and many other big name athletes/celebrities attended the party as well.

In fact, on Monday’s episode of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon picked Auburn to win the BCS Championship based on the awesomeness of the party alone, and according to the club’s manager, an affluent Auburn booster called it one of the top-3 Auburn parties of all time. Wish you would have been there? You should read the ‘Blogle then shouldn’t you? I’m here to help people.

I would have been attended and really blown the roof off the place, but I was too busy losing money in Vegas. Oh well, maybe next time Auburn plays in Glendale I’ll be able to go.

Here’s a cool video with footage from the party that was done by Mike Greene (@mickstevenz) of Full Circle Film. If you have any pictures or video, you know what to do.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Here are few pictures from the party as well (courtesy of Zach May Photography, @c_crittendon, and @wardamneagle,):

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wluker17 01/16/2011 at 11:08 pm

Dude, Thanks for putting us on the list, and not just the list but the special list. Zach and I rolled up to the W and there was a line to get in about 150 people long. Zach went up the head bouncer and said we were on the list and that guy said that everybody there was on the list and he acted like there wasn’t a special list. So we got in line for a few minutes. Watched a Rolls pull up and two guys get out and go in. So then I went up to talk to the bouncer. I told him a few times that we were on your special list and then he pulled out a second list from his jacket that had our names on it and he let us in. Jumping in front of all those people in line then was pretty sweet. The only thing is I wish we would have stayed longer to see all the other celebs that were there. Thanks man. Keep up the good work. War Eagle!

arspvb 01/19/2011 at 9:14 pm

Thanks for the Manager list set up. We rolled in on a golf cart (6 seater, only the best) and went to the front of the line. I have a poor picture of the back of Charles head but I don’t think you want it. Didn’t get to stay longer because we had to go to the airport. Great time. I’ll have it at my house for the Gator Bowl next year.

Uncle Blogle

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