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Curtis Luper Speaks to the OTM Touchdown Club

Last night, I was a guest of my father-in-law at the Over the Mountain Touchdown Club in Birmingham, AL. Gus Malzahn was supposed to be the featured speaker, but was called away on a recruiting trip. In his stead, Curtis Luper drove up to speak.

I knew you would probably want to see this, so I set up my iPhone, leaning against the butter tray, to show what it’s like for a salt shaker to view a speaker in a convention hall. You can also see that we had a lovely meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, and a nice little vegetable medley.

Luper did a great job, especially given the short notice. He didn’t say anything too groundbreaking, but was a little more candid than you’d expect on some questions.

Sorry, the video won’t work on non-Flash mobile devices. I’m working on a YouTube version that will.

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