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FootballRankings Poll (after Week 9)

The top 5 teams remain the same as last week, but after that there are lots of changes. That’s the beauty of the Poll. Nobody has earned anything. No spot is safe. You play bad, you drop. You look beatable, you get jumped. I’m relentless.

1. Auburn (1) – I don’t have the energy to go off on a tangent again this week, but just know that a certain media member that went to a certain Florida based college that works for a certain sports network stated that Auburn beat an overrated LSU and that Auburn has too many questions for him to take them that seriously. Then, while analyzing the Alabama-LSU game, he said that the Bengal Tigers’ defense was very strong and matched up very well with the Crimson Tide’s offense.

So when Auburn beats them, they were “overrated”, but when that game is out of most people’s mind, they go back to having a great defense? The same great defense that gave up 440 rushing yards?

I said this earlier in the week, but I’ll say it again: Auburn fans are not mad that they dropped to #2 in the BCS, we are mad that there are people on national television telling the world how bad the Tigers are.

Note: Do not tell me that all Auburn has to do is keep winning. That’s not the point.

2. Oregon (2) – Once again, my mini-rant will spill over to the Ducks. All last week, everyone picked Auburn to get upset by Ole Miss. Some said the Ducks would be upset by USC. However, when Auburn proved everyone wrong and scored 51 on the Rebels, they quickly forgot their predictions and said “it was Ole Miss, you’re supposed to beat them”, but when Oregon beat USC by nearly the same margin, it was a huge win. Yes, I know that USC is a better team than Ole Miss, but still…

Oregon is a great team. I’m not taking that away from them, but I just want the same standard across the board. When you get proven wrong, credit who proved you wrong. Auburn blew out a team that most said would upset them, and got no credit. Oregon beat a team that some said would upset them, and got tons of credit. I know, I know, I’m whining. I’ll shutup now.

3. TCU (3) – Huge win over a one-win UNLV. Sorry, I thought I was Jesse Palmer for a second.

4. Boise State (4) – Hey Boise, you might want to turn down any and all requests for your games to be televised. It lets people actually see just how terrible the teams you play really are. Again, I don’t hate Boise, I hate those that discredit Auburn and other teams that play real teams while praising Boise.

5. Alabama (5) – You didn’t play, yet ESPN acts like you beat three #1 teams during your bye week. If I still ranked with my heart, you’d be somewhere around #117.

6. Nebraska (12) – The Cornhuskers would be right in the middle of the BCS title race without an ugly loss to what is a bad Texas team. A big win over Missouri jumps them back up in the top 10, but I don’t see them moving much higher than this.

7. Utah (8) – A five point win over Air Force will get you jumped in this poll, and I wouldn’t get too used to where you are now, either. If you don’t keep it close against TCU this week, you’ll be getting the axe.

8. Wisconsin (9) – Wisconsin didn’t play, but benefited from two top 10 losses. They will win the Big-10.

9. LSU (10) – Another team that benefited from a bye week. Beat Bama and you might jump into the top 5.

10. Stanford (11) – You beat Washington bad. Who hasn’t?

11. Ohio State (–) – Ok, I’ll let you back in for now, but don’t expect to see the top 10 anytime soon.

12. Missouri (6) – Everybody expected the loss to Nebraska, but the Tigers are still pretty good.

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peggyrossmanith 11/02/2010 at 11:31 pm

“If I still ranked with my heart, you’d be somewhere around #117,” is pretty much how I will always feel about them.


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