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FootballRankings Poll (after Week 8), and a rant

There is no doubt who the number one team should be this week. I felt like I was jumping the gun a little last week and would be let down, humbled, or stupid-ized, but the Tigers held on. I’m really glad the pressure of being #1 in the Poll didn’t get to them. It’s been known to do that to some teams.

Just so there is no confusion, here are the very simple rules/questions of the Poll:

  1. Would Team A beat Team B?
  2. Has Team A beaten Team B? (Only counts if records are equal)
  3. If neither of these scenarios are conclusive, I will go to the concrete proof on the field, from the current year.

1. Auburn (1) – The Tigers have, without a doubt, played the toughest schedule of any of the unbeaten teams. That’s all we really need to know, but since others need convincing, let’s take a deeper look.

For these arguments, let’s just look at the three teams at the top of most polls: Oregon, Boise State, and Auburn. I have Boise State at #4, probably because of how mad this makes me, but in any major poll that is comprised by humans, the order is #1 Oregon, #2 Boise State, #3 Auburn.

On the ESPN BCS reveal show, or whatever it’s called, the once Mr. Auburn, Kirk Herbstreit, and Chris Fowler argued that we have no idea how good these teams are. They also argued for Boise State, using the tired “on any day, on any field, they can play with anybody” claim. Well, guess what. They don’t.

Auburn has played against those anybodies and they have beaten them. So if you want to just throw all three in a group and say “I don’t know who’s better”, then why pick the team who has actually proven the least. Saying you don’t know who is the best and picking the most unproven shows that you’re lying. It means you love that unproven team and you want them to be on top. I’m not saying they hate Auburn and are out to get Auburn, but that reasoning makes no sense.

Herbie also made an argument that Auburn hasn’t looked like a great team because of their defense. Did he watch the LSU game? Yes, I know LSU’s offense isn’t that good, but I think it’s a little unfair to discount a team that has won all of their games because one part of the team hasn’t been that strong. Is the point of the season to win games or to see who looks like the most complete team to guys who don’t play anymore?

If we want to get really specific about who has proven what, on top of Auburn playing the toughest schedule, they have also played the most games of any of the teams in question. That means they have had more chances to lose, and have succeeded more times than any other team. Of course this will all level off by the end of the season. Sorta. (If Auburn is unbeaten, they will have played a league championship game, unlike Oregon and Boise State).

Plain and simple: Auburn is 8-0 with four wins over ranked teams, and six wins over probable bowl teams, Oregon is 7-0 with one win over a ranked team, who will also be the only bowl eligible team on their schedule (Stanford), and Boise State has one win over a ranked and bowl eligible team (Virginia Tech).

Here it comes… Don’t give me the, “this doesn’t matter right now, if Auburn wins, they will be in the National Championship game” thing. I know that, and that’s not what I’m arguing about.

I want to know why every week the media looks at Auburn and says “ok win this week and then we’ll think you’re for real”. They keep winning and it’s never enough. Auburn has played the toughest stretch of any unbeaten and has come out on top. If they haven’t proven it by now, when will they? I know the answer to that question. It’s the Alabama game, but why does Auburn have to win 12 games before they are taken seriously by everyone?

Auburn has won eight games against much tougher competition and it still hasn’t been enough. Now they have three weaker opponents than what they’ve faced, so that’s three weeks of probable wins that will mean nothing to their respect factor. Ok, I’m done.

Auburn has proven more against more, so they are #1 in my poll.

2. Oregon (2) – You blew out UCLA. So what? Sorry, I was still in my ranting mindset. Ok, seriously, Oregon is good. They scare me.

3. TCU (4) – TCU, I somewhat respect you. You have a great defense and you play tougher competition than Boise State. That is why you are my #3.

4. Boise State (5) – Did you know Boise State could play with anybody on any day? Did you know that there are actual leagues where that actually can be proven? Boise it’s not you that I dislike, it is your lovers. Blame them.

5. Alabama (7) – Alabama did exactly what Oregon did to Tennessee. They let the Vols hang around, and then blew them out in the second half. I’m not really sure that win warrants a bump in the polls, but two teams ahead of them lost.

6. Missouri (–) – Congrats, you beat a team that is currently below Baylor in the Big 12 South standings. Beat Nebraska and I’ll let you stay here.

7. Michigan State (8) – Michigan State found a way to win again. Iowa might not let that happen this week.

8. Utah (9) – Gonna be honest, no idea what they did this week. Not even gonna look it up. They are undefeated, so they are hanging around.

9. Wisconsin (–) – Nice win over the Hawkeyes. Without the loss to Michigan State, the Badgers could be in the top 3-4.

10. LSU (6) – Losing to the best team in the nation by a touchdown isn’t that bad, even though the game wasn’t that close. Good thing there are no more Cam Newton’s on your schedule.

11. Stanford (11) – A 10-point win over Washington State will usually get you knocked out of this poll, but I’ll keep you around.

12. Nebraska (–) – The once-beaten Cornhuskers beat previously unbeaten Oklahoma State, so they take over the Cowboys’ old spot.

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jess 10/27/2010 at 11:15 am

i couldn’t have said it better myself. it’s very unnerving how it seems that no matter who we beat we still have more to prove. i can only guess that it will push our players even harder to prove it but as a fan i want the respect from these talking sports heads that we deserve. maybe they still have a sour taste in their mouths from when they ranked us a preseason #1 years back?? i’m not sure but i do know i like the way we’re playing and for the first time since it’s inception i’m happy to say, Thank god for the BCS poll! at least one poll is getting it right, which happens to be the only poll that matters for the most part.

and yes, i’m sick and tired of the same “any game, neutral field” crap argument that herbie and co. keep spewing. like you said, we’re playing those teams and beating them. we just have to rest in our abilities and numbers that speak for themself i guess. war eagle!!


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