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Roundtable of Tigers Past – Talking Youth, Eye-Openers

Kodi Burns (@AUKB18), Cole Cubelic (@colecubelic), and Jeris McIntyre return for another roundtable as they discuss last week’s scare from Utah State, what it was like playing Mississippi State during their careers, and many more über-exciting topics. Join us, won’t you? They’re old. They know what they’re talking about.

1. How can a game like last week’s affect a young team like Auburn?

Kodi: A game like last week will have a young team questioning if they are really that good, or if they will get tagged with the theme “they are just rebuilding.” I don’t think this particular team believes that. They know they are young, but they know they are also good. I said it before the session started, win lose or draw, they have the fight we instilled in them and we will see some exciting games.

Cole: It can be a wake up call and show the kids that more needs to be done! It can also exploit them to their competition and bring doubt.

Jeris: A game like last week’s can only help a young team. I think it shows that you have to come out and play every game for four quarters because anything can happen on any given Saturday.

2. Were there any games during your career that were as eye-opening?

Kodi: Definitely. You have that particularly with a new starting quarterback or when many seniors have graduated.  In a sense, the team is looking for its identity and just needs some big plays to realize how good they are. We knew we were really good last year, but after the Clemson game we knew we were great.

Cole: Plenty. Some are on an individual basis. Some as an offense, some as a team. Just have to learn from the tape.

Jeris: There’s one I can remember. We played La Tech and they took us to overtime. Homecoming games are not supposed to go to overtime.

3. Give one major positive from last week and tell how you think it can help the team throughout the rest of the season.

Kodi: The major positive is that you will see more guys step up.  They realize that our class is gone now and they can not rely on us. I guarantee in the meetings they have, the most talked about thing is that more players must step up and big plays.

Cole: They won.

Jeris: I think a huge positive from last week’s game was watching this team never quit. As the season goes on they now know to never quit in the course of a game.

4. What should be Auburn’s biggest concern going into this game against Mississippi State?

Kodi: It’s time to grow up. The Utah St. game is over. This is the SEC and even though it’s at home, we must not only protect the house, we need to take this one from them.

Cole: Slowing the run. O-Line is big & physical. Ballard is underrated. Run opens the rest of that offense.

Jeris: The biggest concern I see this week is stopping the run against a very physical Miss. State offensive line.

5. What was one of your more memorable games against the Bulldogs and why?

Kodi: The first time I ever stepped foot in a collegiate game was in the 2007 Mississippi State game at Jordan Hare.  I loved it and I will never forget the Auburn fans cheering my name and me scoring my first two collegiate TDs.

Cole: I try to forget them all. We never beat them while I was at Auburn.

Jeris: What I remember most about playing Miss. State is that when we would travel there, all I would here were those damn cowbells. That’s honestly what I remember most.

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