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Week 7 Predictions

Well last week was bad, unless you count this. I need to stop picking by what I want to happen (the exposing of Les Miles), and start picking with my brain (the realization that Les Miles has made a deal with Nick Satan).

This Week: 4-3
Last Week: 3-5
Overall: 46-17 (73.01%)


Vanderbilt at Georgia – Well Georgia is back on track after beating Tennessee…or are they? I guess we’ll find out this week. Oh wait…they’re playing Vandy. I guess we’ll find out next week.

Georgia 45, Vanderbilt 13

Georgia 43, Vanderbilt 0SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Kentucky – Everyone is calling this a trap game for South Carolina. They’re coming off their big win over the Super Bowl champions, and have to go to Kentucky, who gave our Tigers a small scare. I don’t believe in trap games, especially when the entire world is warning you of it.

Kentucky isn’t that bad, and I think they figured out exactly how to use Randall Cobb last week. However, Lattimore will bring back nightmares of Cam, and give the Gamecocks another victory.

South Carolina 31, Kentucky 24

Kentucky 31, South Carolina 28FAILURE

McNeese State at LSU – I tweeted this yesterday and reserve the right to use it again: LSU will win on a blocked kickoff returned for a touchdown late in the 4th quarter. but somehow manager to win by 42.

LSU 48, McNeese State 6

LSU 32, McNeese State 10 SUCCESS!

Mississipi State at Florida – This game is going to tell us a lot. Is Mississippi State pretty decent this year? Is Florida that bad? I think it’s a less extreme version of both actually.

Florida will win, but just barely, and just because it’s at the Swamp.

Florida 28, Mississippi State 24

Mississippi State 10, Florida 7 FAILURE

Ole Miss at Alabama – I know what you’re all thinking: is the Rebel Black Bear going to be in T-town? I hope so. However, why is it a black bear? Wasn’t the point of getting rid of Colonel Reb to remove all signs of the Old South and racism? Now we’ve got a black bear. I’m offended*.

In real news (hardly), Paul Finebaum said that he would quit on the spot of Ole Miss beat Alabama. It won’t happen, but we can dream can’t we?

Alabama 35, Ole Miss 20

Alabama 23, Ole Miss 10 SUCCESS!

* – I’m not really offended. It’s a joke. Don’t email me calling me a racist.

Other Games of Note

Texas at Nebraska – Isn’t it good to be at a point to where you can start looking at games with teams ranked ahead of you and needing them to win? Sure, all that matters is whether Auburn wins or not, but needing the #5 team to lose so the Tigers can move up is a good position to be in.

Texas should have lost to the Huskers last year. Nebraska is good and wants revenge. They will beat Texas pretty convincingly. That’s me thinking with my brain and not what I really want to happen.

Nebraska 34, Texas 17

Texas 20, Nebraska 13 FAILURE

Ohio State at Wisconsin – Auburn needs Wisconsin to win. So does pretty much everybody. I actually see it happening. I just hope we don’t play the boring Badgers in a bowl game. BCS Championship Game or not.

Wisconsin 27, Ohio State 24

Wisconsin 31, Ohio State 18 SUCCESS!

Twit-Fam Prediction

Arkansas at Auburn – Low turnout from the twit-fam this week. It’s my fault though, I didn’t give you enough time. I’m sorry, I will do better next time. Anyway, here is the average of your predictions. Pretty low scoring if you ask me.

Auburn 35, Arkansas 28

Auburn 65, Arkansas 43 SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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JackTheRabbit 10/14/2010 at 5:21 pm

If Miles made a deal with Nick then who wins when they play each other?


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