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Kentucky Review

I have posted my Kentucky review on‘s Tigers Corner entitled “Gettin’ It Done“. Yes, it’s late. Get off me. Here’s a sample:

Let’s talk about refs baby. I think there was something like six 15-yard penalties called against Auburn on Saturday. Three were late hits, all three were ridiculous, and at least two came on a 3rd-down stop. The defense did get gashed a few times, but some big stops were negated by terrible calls. At least two touchdowns resulted from these non-penalties.

You know when Bob Davie disagrees with a call, especially when it goes against Auburn, that it must have been pretty bad. Multiple pass interference and all the late hit penalties drew the ire of the former Irish coach. I’m not saying the refs were out to get Auburn, but something was up.

You can read the rest here and follow me on Twitter here.

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jess 10/12/2010 at 5:13 pm

i agree 100 percent. and i believe the b.s. penalties kept them in it. we were stopping them fine in the first half till we had to play soft to prevent the refs from throwing a damn flag. as soon as we realized the refs were flag happy our dbs had to play softer and less aggressive. i believe that was the beginning of our problems last sat night. and i couldn’t agree more with the step on the throat and win it mentality that seems to be missing in these games. playing not to loose was a tuberville trademark and it seems he’s left it behind with chizik. let’s play to win and score on every drive and make the other team submit. war damn eagle!


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