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Interesting Tidbits after Signing Day

National Signing Day is over, but the news, analysis, and prognostication has just begun. Today, I put together a nice little smörgåsbord of tibdts together for you regarding the signing class, a little bit of basketball, and some “insider news”. Enjoy!

  • Here’s a short episode of Auburn Football: Every Day. It starts at 5:50 am with Chizik leaving his house on National Signing Day and ends with the last signee’s name written on the whiteboard. This has to be one of the best, and coolest, videos I have ever seen. Don’t tell me this coaching staff doesn’t care.
  • Chris Low ranks the SEC’s recruiting classes and gives Auburn more than a passing grade. He goes into a little more detail here.
  • Dennis Dodd of apologizes to Gene Chizik.
  • The rankings for this class are good and all, but what matters most is that almost all needs were met.
  • Just a ton of notes from about Auburn’s class, the future, and other stuff.
  • gives their take on Auburn Football after signing day as well.
  • Who won the recruiting battle? Auburn or Alabama? I think you know considering I’m posting this article.
  • Auburn got some big names, but what about the hidden talent like Ladarious Phillips and his awesome highlight video.
  • Kenny Smith wrote a letter to Auburn’s 2010 recruiting class. Touching.
  • Auburn’s class makes’s top 10 stories of signing day.
  • 2010 signee OL Tunde Fariyike was given an Honorable Mention on’s All-Name Team.
  • Also from, a few “experts” answering questions about Signing Day, and Auburn comes up a few times.
  • Before the 2010 class even got their seat warm, the Tigers have already picked up a commitment for 2011.
  • Safety Aairon Savage was given a 6th year of eligibility for medical hardship. He hasn’t played since the 2007 season.
  • Lost in the shuffle, Auburn has a basketball team. is aware. They play at Arkansas tomorrow. Be there!….ok, I’m kidding.
  • Lastly, I received this in an email yesterday. It is supposedly from someone who knew someone who went to the Rivals National Signing Day Party. Some of it seems pretty credible, and interesting, but some of it just seems kinda “he said, she said”. Either way, here it is. (Note: I have cleaned up some of the typos and such to enhance the credibility.)

I didn’t go to the Rivals party, but I did speak to some people that did. Most of this information I am sure everyone knows but I will write about it anyways. I will do my best and give you a run down of what was talked about.

– Bryan Matthews is being forced out because of the video he posted during Big Cat weekend. (The one that got us in trouble.)

– When Jeffrey Lee went to South Carolina to see Eric Mack about his recruitment, he asked him about Lattimore. Mack responded by “dawg he is all AU” and showed him a text that Lattimore sent Mack saying “congrats, can’t wait to play together for AU, WDE, etc.”

– DJ Howard and Lattimore were talking to each other the whole time. The coaches were telling Lattimore that Howard was going to be moved to safety right away and then they would tell Howard he would get a shot at running back. They felt they were being mislead and that turned them off of Auburn. That being said, Howard begged the coaches for his offer and would have come to Auburn if he had the opportunity.

– Markeith Ambles called the coaches and begged for an offer as well, but the coaches felt that there were some character issues.

– TE Dakota Mosley and his dad were huge recruiters for AU. They basically got Dyer on campus and did a great job recruiting everyone else.

– Trovon Reed was one of Jeffrey Lee’s favorite recruits. He said he was very humble, down to earth, and took a lot for him to leave Louisiana.

– Seastrunk, as well as his mom, is crazy, and the rumors about Dyer not liking him are true. Dyer and other recruits said they would not want to play with him. Other recruits did not think very highly of him but he did a good job recruiting for us early on. If an offer would have been there he would be at AU.

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