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This Guy is Visiting Auburn this Weekend

Forget his past. It was a misunderstanding. Besides, if he does this in an Auburn uniform, I don’t think anyone will care. Plus, Auburn is looking for their next Vol trucker a la Brown, Williams, and Tate. I give you…Cameron Newton:

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Here’s what other people are saying about the possibility of Cameron Newton, the 5-star QB, #1 JUCO prospect in the nation, that just won the JUCO national championship, and was Tim Tebow’s backup two years ago, going to Auburn:

In other recruiting news, Lincoln (Tallahassee, FL) QB that will more than likely play CB, Ryan White, has committed to the Tigers. WR Tim Hawthorne has graduated and left the football team. His career was about as much of a waste as Karen Capenter‘s, although it wasn’t Tim’s fault in his case. Both will be and still are missed. Good luck Tim.

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