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Week 7 Predictions

This Week: 8-1
Last Week: 6-3
Overall: 56-15 (78.9%)


Georgia at Vanderbilt – When is the last time you looked at a game with Vanderbilt playing another SEC team and actually thought Vanderbilt had a shot? Never? Well, you shouldn’t think it this week either. Georgia has looked really bad on both sides of the ball the last few weeks, but Vanderbilt has been way, way worse.

Georgia gets back on the winning track. Vanderbilt studies.

Georgia 34, Vanderbilt 13

Georgia 34, Vanderbilt 10SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Middle Tennessee State – I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. If you are an SEC team and are the away team in a match-up with a lower Sunbelt Conference team, you are either really nice or really bad. Well Mississippi State isn’t that bad and could definitely have at least 2-3 more wins than they actually have. Middle Tennessee State got blown out by Troy which is as bad as that used to sound.

The ‘Dogs ruin the biggest home game in Blue Raider history.

Mississippi State 38, Middle Tennessee State 7

Mississippi State 27, Middle Tennessee State 6SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Florida – Uh oh….the Arkansas bandwagon is rollin’ ageeeunnn. The Hawgs looked like world-beaters last week in their dismantling of the Paper Tigers. They showed that everything that we denied about Auburn were actually true concerns. I’d look out for this Arkansas team if I were you. They embarrassed Auburn and will embarrass many more teams this season.

Florida 67, Arkansas 1

Florida 23, Arkansas 20SUCCESS!

UAB at Ole Miss – Are we lucky enough for this to happen? Probably not, but Snead will throw three more interceptions.

Ole Miss 23, UAB 9

Ole Miss 48, UAB 13SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Alabama – This game wants to be a tough one for Alabama, but it won’t be. Alabama will grind this one out like they always do: one flashy play in the first quarter, and then a few ho-hum points along the way. Before South Carolina knows it, they’ll be down 23-3. We might see Spurrier’s head explode after the 12th three-and-out in the first half.

Alabama 30, South Carolina 10

Alabama 20, South Carolina 6SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Auburn – If Auburn can shore up Kentucky’s kickoff returner, and can continue to do what they have done at home all season, this game shouldn’t be close. Kentucky will be playing with a mixture of a Wildcat QB and their backup QB, which is scary if you remember Vandy and LSU last year.

I still think Auburn comes out and goes Arkansas 3rd quarter on the Wildcats.

Auburn 44, Kentucky 17

Kentucky 21, Auburn 14FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas, TX) – Texas is the obvious choice in this one, but they have literally played nobody so far this season. Oklahoma has lost two tough games, but mainly because of the loss of Sam Bradford. Well, he’s back and they’re ready to avenge last year’s loss to the Longhorns. This one will be very close the entire game, but Texas pulls it out with a late touchdown pass.

Texas 34, Oklahoma 30

Texas 16, Oklahoma 13SUCCESS!

USC at Notre Dame – As much as we all want USC to be lose, Notre Dame will not compete in this one at all. The Irish defense is atrocious which sets up nicely for USC’s Matt Barkley. The size-64 belt gets tighter.

USC 34, Notre Dame 7

USC 34, Notre Dame 27SUCCESS!

Upset of the Week

Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech – Once out of about every three games the Georgia Tech option-offense clicks and runs all over their opponent. Look for that to happen this week. Virginia Tech looked amazing in last week’s win over Boston College, but the week before they struggled with Duke. How good are they really? Like LSU, they got lucky in a few games and I think it catches up to them in this one.

Georgia Tech 27, Virginia Tech 20

Georgia Tech 28, Virginia Tech 23SUCCESS!

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