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Week 4 Predictions

This Week: 9-2
Last Week: 9-2
Overall: 37-7 (84.1%)


Ole Miss at South Carolina – Oh please, please, please South Carolina. Pleeeeaaaseeee beat the Rebels. I will pay you money to end this stupidity. I will wear a South Carolina shirt for an hour or two. I will say “I love the Gamecocks” at least once. Please.

To be completely honest, I see it happening. South Carolina loves Thursday night games. They love being on the big stage. They love taking down big opponents (I can’t believe I just called Ole Miss a big opponent). The only problem is that they never take down the big guy. Well since Ole Miss is, well, Ole Miss, we finally see Spurrier get a “big” win.

Jevan Snead has never lived up to any of the greatness he is credited with. Steven Garcia has never been credited with anything close to great. I like the guy with no expectations to step up and pull out a backbreaking win. Fighting Spurriers by 10.

South Carolina 24, Ole Miss 14

South Carolina 16, Ole Miss 10SUCCESS!


LSU at Mississippi State – LSU looks A LOT like last year’s Auburn team to me: high ranking, mediocre wins over lesser teams, only to be exposed about halfway through the season. Well it won’t happen this week, but Mississippi State is getting better. I see this game being pretty boring with very little scoring, but LSU pulls it out at the end.

LSU 24, Mississippi State 10

LSU 30, Mississippi State 26 SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Alabama – I still don’t see why Alabama is looked at as an offensive juggernaut. Sure they scored some 4th quarter points against Virginia Tech, but other than piling on some yards and points on cupcakes, we really don’t know how good they are. Oh, and as far as Jesus Jones, he hasn’t caught a touchdown pass in twelve, yes twelve, straight games now. Got Twelve?

Arkansas is going to throw the ball all over the place. Alabama is going to try to run it all over the place. The difference is Arkansas’s defense. It’s just bad, but Alabama will still have to outscore Arkansas. Unfortunately, they probably will.

Alabama 38, Arkansas 34

Alabama 35, Arkansas 7 SUCCESS!

Florida at Kentucky – Supposedly the team has the flu. Supposedly they had it last week, and that’s why they struggled against Tennessee. Why does a man with the best team in the history of the world feel the need to make excuses?

Tebow develops a vaccine from his strain of the flu that saves an entire South American country. He then finds time to score thirty on Kentucky.

Florida 41, Kentucky 10

Florida 41, Kentucky 7 SUCCESS! (Check out that score.)

Ohio at Tennessee – Lane Kiffin really seemed like a different man this week: talking trash, acting like he’s won when he’s won nothing…oh, wait.

Tennessee, down from last week, struggles in this one.

Tennessee 17, Ohio 7

Tennessee 34, Ohio 23 SUCCESS!

Arizona State at GeorgiaJoe Cox has looked like a man the last two weeks. One was against a decent defense and the other was against an awful defense.

I can’t lie, I know nothing about Arizona State. They were supposed to be good last year and then turned out to be awful. Given that this is the first time I’ve thought about them in almost a year, I’d say they’re nothing special.

Georgia has gotten better, but they still aren’t good. However, the ‘Dawgs will gain back some respect for the SEC since their thrashing at the hands of Oklahoma State. Cox throws for 300 again.

Georgia 31, Arizona State 17

Georgia 20, Arizona State 17 SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at RiceI’m pretty sure I said this earlier this season: if you are in the SEC and go on the road to a C-USA (yes, I had to check that) cellar team, you are either really nice or really bad. Lucky for Vandy, Rice is really, really bad (they got blown out by UAB).

Vanderbilt 28, Rice 7

Vanderbilt 36, Rice 17 SUCCESS!

Ball State at Auburn I’m not going to be all cocky and act like Auburn has the team that could win this one by 70, but Auburn could win this one by 70. Ball State lost to North Texas, who lost to Alabama by 50 or so. It’s pretty amazing how bad the Cardinals have gotten in one year just from the loss of a quarterback and a head coach.

Auburn gets up by 28 and rests the starters, gaining depth at all positions. If Auburn can get through this game with no injuries and a 30+ point win, its all gravy on the way to Tennessee.

Auburn 51, Ball State 10

Auburn 54, Ball State 30 SUCCESS!

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Miami at Virginia Tech – Wait a minute a guys, you’re a dropped pass away from 2-1. You beat a team that begged Clemson to beat them the week before. Let’s slow down on the U-swagger train. Are you better than the past few years? Yes. Should you start selling cocaine and showing up to the games with more bling than Chingy? Not yet. Win this one and beat a beat-up Oklahoma next week, and then I’ll say you’re on the way to being back. Oh, and you better hope your fresh dressing, Vanilla Ice haircut QB stays healthy. You don’t want to have to hurt your 20,000 fans with more losses do you?

Virginia Tech beat a mediocre, everybody-wants-them-to-be-back-so-we-put-them-in-the-polls Nebraska team last week. And had to beat them on a last second pass at that.

However, I do believe both teams are pretty good, but are hiding behind their ranking and some unwarranted hype. One of these teams will be exposed this week. Or we’ll get a USC-Ohio State type matchup where they both play mediocre, but it’s called epic.

Miami 30, Virginia Tech 21

Virginia Tech 31, Miami 7 FAILURE

Iowa at Penn State – Ho hum, Big-10 boredom. Penn State can be added to the list of “Um, why exactly are they ranked in the top 5?” category. Iowa should have gotten beaten by Northern Iowa…in football. Paterno adds to the win column.

Penn State 34, Iowa 20

Iowa 21, Penn State 10FAILURE

Upset of the Week

Washington at StanfordContrary to the past, Washington is actually the upset victim in this week’s pick. A monumental win over an overrated USC team playing with their backup QB and a home loss only three games into the season is apparently good enough to vault you into the rankings. How can you be ranked #24 in the country and be a 9-point underdog at Stanford you ask? *Head explodes*

Stanford 23, Washington 17

Stanford 34, Washington 14 SUCCESS! (Sorry, I’m taking credit for this one.)

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