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Well looky here…, which is the same as, had enough sense to jump Auburn into the rankings. Although they did have them ranked 11th last week. I like this poll because it actually ranks teams week to week. No spots are “earned and kept”. No spots are safe just because you score more points than the other team. Actual subjective thought is used. Hmm…what’s that?

7. Virginia Tech 2-1

8. Auburn 3-0
Last Week: W, Virginia Tech 41-30
This Week: Ball State
Why the ranking is too high: Are you a believer yet in Chizik Ball? The special teams have been disastrous and the pass rush has been a bit too spotty. And then there’s the offense that’s putting up big overall numbers, but is still full of players trying to figure out what they’re doing.
Why the ranking is too low: The team is adapting and adjusting. West Virginia put the clamps down on the running game, at least somewhat, and the passing attack kicked in. This is a smart team that’s hitting big, running big, and playing extremely well.

9. Cincinnati 3-0

You can see the rest of these rankings here or here.

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