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Louisiana Tech Preview

LA tech newI’ll make this quick, mainly because I’ve spent the day at work and traveling, and I’m tired and ready to get up and head to the tailgate. Please forgive me. I know all of you were sitting up on your Friday night waiting on this preview, so here it is.

Louisiana Tech returns 8 offensive starters from an 8 win season. The 8th win was against Northern Illinois in the Everybody Else bowl. That’s 8 wins in a WAC (no pun intended) schedule with one win over ‘couldn’t even score a point for themselves against Auburn’s worst team in years’ Miss. State. Are they terrible? No. Are they the best former Louisiana directional school? Yes. Should Auburn be scared of them? Not really. If Auburn can handle their business, limit mistakes, and keep themselves healthy, they should win handily. Sure the Bulldogs are coming off a successful season by their standards, but we’re talking SEC here. Auburn plays with the big boys 9 out 12 games every season. La. Tech. plays with the big boys 2 out of 12 games just to get a paycheck.

Auburn is a team that was ranked as high as as 10th last year and picked to win the SEC West. That was with almost the exact same talent as Auburn will have on the field tomorrow. Put that talent with an actual SEC-proven offensive scheme and you’ve got the makings for a team that should actually be ranked as high as Auburn was last year.

Anyway, I’m not saying Auburn should take La. Tech. lightly. You don’t take anyone in college football lightly, but this thought that one bad year in the SEC (we lost 5 games by 5 points or less) means we should start worrying about WAC opponents (no pun intended again) has got to go.

Handle your business Auburn. Work, hard work!

And if you missed my prediction(s) from yesterday: Auburn 31, Louisiana Tech 10.

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