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Interesting (but sad) Tidbits after Arkansas

Auburn lost, it’s raining, and work sucked. Here are your dang tidbits:

  • Andy Staples (Twitter) of tries to make us Auburn fans feel a little bit better about the loss to the Razorbacks. Does it work? Not really, but it’s an interesting article.
  • Well, as expected, and us warranted as it may be, Auburn has dropped from the two major polls (AP/Coaches’) this week. They are 27th and 26th respectively, if you want to count that as a ranking. I’m not saying we played like a top 25 team this week. We looked bad, but since when have the pollsters taken only one game into account? I guess that only applies to teams that they didn’t want in the rankings anyway. And yes, I said it: pollsters did not want Auburn in the polls because it would prove that they were wrong at the beginning of the season. They were waiting for one bad performance (out of 6) to say “See, told you they were terrible. Put Notre Dame back in there now! They beat 1-win Purdue on the last play of the game, and their signature loss(?) is to a two-loss team (Michigan) who got beat by a 1-win team. They deserve it.”
  • You can view where every single AP voter has Auburn ranked. Thanks to our 2nd President of the United States in keeping the Tigers in the poll at 25th.
  • In one of the polls that matters to the BCS rankings, the Harris Poll, Auburn still has some respect for what they have done in 5/6 of the season. You can see where Auburn is ranked in every poll here. Most of them are part of the computer rankings that go into the BCS formula.
  • In Chris Low‘s Power Rankings, he drops the Tigers a spot to make room for the Gamecocks. I guess it’s better to lose early to a team currently with three losses and a 26 point loss to another team with three losses.  Oh sorry, I forgot South Carolina beat the offensive juggernaut known as Ole Miss. Bitter…party of one.
  • And in the last ranking-related link, has compiled their Power Rankings from their 15 talking heads. Be sure to check what each voter ranked the Tigers.
  • Low gives us his What We Learned in the SEC where he tells us that Auburn is good, but not that good. Thanks Chris, got it.
  • Continuing the bitterness, John Walters of Fanhouse asks if an undefeated Alabama team that loses to a one-loss Auburn would still have enough clout to go to the National Championship game. Ok yeah…where do I start? Number one: no. Number two: if Auburn has one loss at the end of the season and beats Alabama, then that means they will be going to the SEC Championship Game against Florida. If Auburn wins does Alabama still jump them? Oh that’s right, they’re assuming Auburn would automatically lose. Or if Auburn wins would they put Alabama in the NCG to play the same team they lost to a week before? The only way Alabama would go to the NCG is if they lost the Iron Bowl by a point on a last second Hail Mary to a 3 or 4-loss Auburn and Auburn lost to Florida in the SCG (in which case Auburn wouldn’t actually be going to the SCG so that makes it completely even more confusing and wrong). Why would Alabama jump Auburn if they didn’t make it to their own conference game, and didn’t beat Auburn the week prior to the SCG?  It’s already dumb enough that the loser of the SCG goes to a lower bowl than a team that doesn’t even make it to the conference championship, but this would be a little extreme. I know John is just throwing out hypotheticals, but you know you can’t do that with the idiots that rank these teams. Say it enough, and they’ll start to believe it.
  • In completely unrelated, but semi-related news, Auburn has made it into Fortune magazine…kinda.
  • And finally, Auburn at LSU will be played at 6:30 pm CDT on either ESPN or ESPN2.

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