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Why Auburn will fare better this season…

tigercornerI have a new blog up on‘s Tigers Corner about how given the situation last year, no team in the nation could have succeeded, which only means we’re gonna have a better season this year. You may also read things like this:

We have talent! 90% of the articles you read about Auburn’s offense this year say things like “lack of playmakers”, “no talent”, and “bare cupboard”. These were the same people who had Auburn ranked 10th before last season with almost the exact same talent that Auburn has now. We agreed earlier that the sole cause of last year’s debacle was the fiasco we will not speak of, so how does that mean that our players got less talented? In fact, if it wasn’t for our talent, the season would have been much worse. As awful as things were last year on the offensive side of the ball, Auburn still had the lead or a chance to take the lead in the 4th quarter of 5 of their 7 losses. That’s with an OC that couldn’t muster up a game plan that gave Auburn more than a field goal against the CroomDawgs.

So go on over there and read the rest, and let me know what you think either in‘s comments or over there.

And I promise, will have a new look by next week. New era, new Blogle.

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