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Signing Day 2009/AU Basketball So-far Recap

I normally don’t like to get into recruiting too much for fear of instantly growing a mullet and not being able to pull my bottom lip up unless I try really, really hard, so that explains my absence for a few months, because besides our better-than-we-thought-but-still-mediocre basketball team, recruiting is all there is to talk about.

Yes, our basketball girls are very good and still getting no love in the polls, but I don’t have much to say other than ‘good job’. If someone would like to send me some thoughts on the girls basketball team, go right ahead, and you will become a published reporter.

I promise to return tonight with a huge post-Signing Day/rundown of all things AU basketball post. I swear. Just make sure you keep hitting refresh in your browser, new stuff will appear soon.

**Update** – Obviously I lied.

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