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Week 13 Predictions

I almost wasn’t going to post this week’s projections for two reasons: Auburn isn’t playing, and I’ve seen better games on the Opelika Middle School schedule.

This Week: 1-5
Last Week: 4-3
Overall: 61-50


Tennessee at Vanderbilt – Combined record: 9-11…wow. I still don’t see how Tennessee can lose to Vanderbilt and it not be an upset, but this year it’s really not.

Vanderbilt 24, Tennessee 10

Tennessee 20, Vanderbilt 10FAILURE

The Citadel at Florida – Remember how when Auburn went undefeated in 2004, the “experts” used The Citadel being one of Auburn’s wins as one of the reasons that they didn’t deserve to be in the National Championship game? As if USC didn’t play The Citadel-caliber opponents within their own conference. I wonder if this will hurt Florida’s chances. The first string shouldn’t even suit up.

Florida 65, The Citadel 7

Florida 70, The Citadel 19 SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Mississippi State – I can’t figure out Arkansas. One week they are decent, one week they are the worst team in the SEC. Mississippi State is consistently the worst team in the SEC, so I’ll give the Razorbacks the benefit of the doubt. You think Auburn’s offense is bad…try watching the CroomDawgs without beating yourself in the head with a tire iron.

Arkansas 28, Mississippi State 17

Mississippi State 31, Arkansas 28FAILURE

Ole Miss at LSU – If this game was played in Oxford, I would guarantee a Rebel victory. Being that it is not, LSU will pull out another squeaker, I think. Ole Miss scored 56 on UL-Monroe last week, and LSU’s D looked pitiful once again against Troy, but I hate Houston Nutt so….

LSU 31, Ole Miss 27

Ole Miss 31, LSU 13 FAILURE

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Texas Tech at Oklahoma – For some reason, when people think of Oklahoma they immediately think ‘powerhouse’, but what have they done to deserve that this year? Sure, they won a National Championship semi-recently, and they are always in a BCS bowl, which they haven’t won in however many years and they have only really been in because they have been the kings or sometimes queens of a previously down conference.

So once again, they are looked at as the powerhouse, and Texas Tech is looked at as the lowly competitor. Texas Tech beat Texas, who beat Oklahoma by 10+ points. The only factor against Texas Tech is that this game is in Norman, Oklahoma. Normally I would go with Texas Tech, but I will say that home field advantage wins this one. Texas Tech is awesome, their offense is perfect, but no one can win all the games that they have, plus one more. If they do though, I better not see one first place for Alabama, because no one has gone through the stretch Texas Tech has and stayed undefeated….ever.

Oklahoma 34, Texas Tech 28

Wait, what am I thinking? There is no way Texas Tech scores only 28 points.

Texas Tech 49, Oklahoma 31

Oklahoma 65, Texas Tech 21 FAILURE

** Upset Special **

Washington at Washington State – The worst game of the season by far. The Huskies FINALLY pull one out.

Washington 24, Washington State 14

Washington State 16, Washington 13 FAILURE

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