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Ole Miss Preview

JackTheRabbit, you’re fired! Do you know what you’ve done to our team?! The three games you have previewed for us have all ended up in losses. Don’t come around no more. I’m taking over the reigns from now one. It was fun while it lasted, but….well no it wasn’t fun at all. You should be ashamed.

So here’s my attempt at a preview, while busy at work:

I hope we break Enrique Davis’s leg (just blog talk) for leaving us for Ole Miss, yes Ole Miss. I hope I see Houston Nutt fidget a lot and tell his quarterback to come to the sideline real quick with his index finger wagging as he looks up at the clock to see how many timeouts he has. Seriously that is my thought of Houston Nutt all the time: pulling up his sleeves, fidgety, yelling at his quarterback to “COME HERE”, and holding up a trophy for each first down.

I know this is a sad attempt at a preview, but I’ll give more in my predictions on Thursday, I promise. I’m busy at work and can’t put much time into this right now. But the main focal points of this preview are make Houston squirm, make Enrique hurt, and to fire that traitor JackTheRabbit.

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jacktherabbit 10/28/2008 at 1:18 pm

Just wait. My tell-all book is almost finished.


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