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Tony Franklin on Finebaum Today (3:05 CDT)

**Live updates from the interview in the Live Blog below.**

Most of you know that I despise Finebaum, his callers (even the Auburn ones), and the negatvity that seems to ooze from his every orifice.  I also don’t like to dwell in the past (a novel concept Bammers, you should try it), BUT Tony Franklin will be on Finebaum today at 3:05 pm CDT. If you don’t want to feel like running your car off of a bridge then stay away, but if you want some insight or want to hear about Franklin’s new tell-all book about the Auburn coaching staff, then give a listen. You can listen or watch online here. I will try to keep the post updated for those that can’t listen, so keep checking back.

On a semi-related note, a source close to the program (the Opelika High School program) has informed me that ex-ex-Auburn Offensive Coordinator, Al Borges, has officially applied for the head coaching position at OHS (my high school alma mater). This makes sense given that Borges’s wife still works for Auburn University, and legendary high school head coach Spence McCracken (AU center, ’68-’71) is retiring from Opelika following this season. For those who care, Opelika runs the spread, and of course Borges would install the West Coast Offense. I smell an upheaval in O-town.

Click the circle/arrow thing to see the replay of the live updates from the interview!

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trigger 10/23/2008 at 1:05 am

You should do this more often.

philpepe 10/24/2008 at 11:28 am

WHOA! Borges at OHS… wouldn’t that be something. Maybe he could actually get the Dawgs past the 3rd round…


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