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It’s Iron Bowl Week

During Iron Bowl week, I like to pull out the old VHS copy of the 1989 ‘First Time Ever’ Iron Bowl, and if you’d like to shed a little tear, I recommend you do the same. After the game, there is footage of Pat Dye’s post game speech(after Auburn had just beaten Alabama 30-20), where he says probably the best lines in college football coaching history. Eat this, Lou Holtz. They include(and these are paraphrased and all from memory, but almost perfectly correct):

“This is the reason why we work you in the summer time and January and February and the Spring. This is the reason why we push you beyond what you think you can do: to experience moment’s likeeus (like this).”

“It don’t matter who’s carrying the ball, who’s throwing it, who’s rushing the passer, or who’s making the tackles, just as long as he’s got a blue jersey on.”

“Sure, I’d like to be 12, 11-0, and you know, but I’m ‘on tell you something: I wouldn’t swap this year for any year I’ve been at Auburn. I wouldn’t swap it men ’cause I’ve watched you struggle, and I’ve watched you wrestle with them angels….and, and, and….but I’ve watched you grow up and become men……I watched you become men(quivering lip).”

If that last one doesn’t give you chill bumps or make your own lip quiver, then you either just lost to UL-Monroe, or you’re dead. Well here you go…check my memory.

Anyway, yeah Alabama lost to UL-Monroe, but I’m pretty sure a little bit more determined team will show up to Jordan-Hare this Saturday. I never say anything resembling trash talk before this game. I learned my lesson in elementary school. Those little kids are brutal with their trash talk. Anyway, I’ll post some more thoughts on the game later this week.

In basketball news, Auburn somehow withstood the entire Cherokee nation and took down Chief Kickingstallionsims and the rest of his Alabama State Hornets. We barely won, so I’m not too happy, but it looks like we’ve got a new star on our team, Matt Heramb.

War Hawk! I mean uh, War Eagle!

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