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Ranking the SEC after Week 9

I have complained for centuries that rankings shouldn’t come out until at least Week 8. The first College Football Rankings came out last night, and while that is a step in the right direction, they are still using subconscious bias that has been implanted in their brains by over 2 months of watching games with unfounded rankings next to teams’ names. Oh, well I can’t worry about them. I’m just going to do it my way.


1. Georgia (8-0)

This is sort of by default. They aren’t elite. They haven’t beaten anybody that great. But I guess they’ve won them all.

(Last week: NR, beat Florida 43-20)

2. Alabama (7-1)

This is sort of by default, too. One loss and it was out of conference.

(Last week: NR, beat Tennessee 34-20)

3. Ole Miss (7-1)

They aren’t that good. They’ve only been beaten by Alabama, but they did beat LSU.

(Last week: NR, beat Vanderbilt 33-7)

4. LSU (6-2)

They have a very good offense, but a very bad defense.

(Last week: NR, beat Army 62-0)

5. Florida (5-3)

I don’t really think Florida is the 5th best team in the SEC, but it’s all relative.

(Last week: NR, lost to Florida 43-20)

6. Tennessee (6-2)

They are only here because Florida beat them handily. They are likely better than the Gators, but we have to respect beatdowns.

(Last week: NR, beat Kentucky 33-27)

7. Missouri (7-1)

There is no way this team is that good. Their schedule is a joke. Their best win is over Kentucky or I guess Kansas State?

(Last week: NR, beat South Carolina 34-12)

8. Texas A&M (5-3)

Like always, the Aggies are middle of the road. They’ll beat somebody good, but then lose 2-3 to teams they shouldn’t lose to.

(Last week: NR, beat South Carolina 30-17)

9. Auburn (4-4)

The Tigers’ record is a product of a tough schedule for a brand new team, coaching staff, etc. Their toughest 4 game stretch came before this current, weaker 4 game stretch. Flip those two 4-game sets and they are likely 7-1 and up there around #3.

(Last week: NR, beat Mississippi State 27-13)

10. Kentucky (5-3)

I’m just glad we’re able to see that the Wildcats aren’t good earlier this season than recent seasons.

(Last week: NR, lost to Tennessee 33-27)

11. Mississippi State (4-4)

The Maroons are playing with their backup quarterback. It made them worse than they already were.

(Last week: NR, lost to Auburn 27-13)

12. South Carolina (2-6)

The Gamecocks are changing the culture by having even a worse record than they normally do.

(Last week: NR, lost to Texas A&M 30-17)

13. Arkansas (2-6)

Sam Pittman has Fayetteville on fire. No, literally, they are burning the place down wanting him out.

(Last week NR, lost to Mississippi State 7-3)

14. Vanderbilt (2-7)

They are bad even by Vanderbilt standards.

(Last week: NR, lost to Ole Miss 33-7)

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