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Week 1 Predictions: We Know Nothing

The 2022 college football season is upon us. I mean, there were games last week, but when Vanderbilt is beating teams by 53, does it really count?

Last season: 100-46 (68.5%)
This week: 12-4 (75.0%)
Overall: 12-4 (75.0%)

There are SO MANY games to pick this week because no SEC teams are playing each other yet. Sit back, relax, and settle in for SIXTEEN predictions.


Ball State at Tennessee – Last year, I went to Mikata for BabyBlogle2’s birthday after a Thursday baseball practice and Tennessee was on TV playing Bowling Green. This year, I will go to Mikata for BabyBlogle2’s birthday after a Thursday baseball practice and Tennessee will be on TV playing Ball State. Creative scheduling, Vols!

Tennessee 42, Ball State 10

Tennessee 59, Ball State 10 – SUCCESS!

Louisiana Tech at Missouri – You never know what you’re gonna get with Missouri. Sometimes it’s bad, then other times it’s really bad. I really want to say Louisiana Tech will beat them, and they definitely probably could, but considering we know nothing right now, I can’t pull the trigger.

Missouri 31, Lousiana Tech 21

Missouri 52, Lousiana Tech 24 – SUCCESS!


Sam Houston State at Texas A&M – Remember Tyrik Rollison?  He left Auburn and played for Sam Houston State, but I don’t think he’s there anymore. I hope he’s not there anymore. That was like 12 years ago. The Aggies aren’t near as good as their paid-for signing class.

Texas A&M 24, Sam Houston State 10

Texas A&M 31, Sam Houston State 0 – SUCCESS!

Cincinnati at Arkansas – Oh please, Bearcats. Please. Outside of normal rival hatred, the Razorbacks are always near the top of the hatred list. This year they may pass Alabama or Georgia on certain days. But their coach is so funny and sweet and doesn’t look like your every day coach!  YESSIRRRR!

Arkansas 21, Cincinatti 20

Arkansas 31, Cincinatti 24 – SUCCESS!

Oregon at Georgia (Atlanta, GA) – Bo Nix will start his Heisman campaign with a 10-point win over Georgia in yet another perfectly placed “neutral site” game for the DWAGS. I’m serious.

Oregon 31, Georgia 21

Georgia 49, Oregon 3 – FAILURE

Troy at Ole Miss – I visited Troy’s facilities this summer and watched them workout (with permission). They are strong, but not SEC strong. I mean they beat LSU and Missouri once, but it’s Game 1 and we haven’t delved into that much crazy yet.

Ole Miss 38, Troy 13

Ole Miss 28, Troy 10 – SUCCESS!

Utah at Florida – This was one of those perfect games to prove that Utah couldn’t hang with the SEC, and then Florida had to implode, fire their coach, and hire a guy from UL-Lafayette. So Utah will probably win and Florida will lose 6 games, but the Utes and the anti-SEC media will pump the win for the entire season.

Utah 34, Florida 27

Florida 29, Utah 26 – FAILURE

Miami (OH) at Kentucky – Stop trying to make Kentucky football a thing. They play in the SEC East.

Kentucky 35, Miami (OH) 17

Kentucky 37, Miami (OH) 13 – SUCCESS!

Elon at Vanderbilt – NEERRRRRRRRDDDSSSSSS!!!!

Vanderbilt 48, Elon 9

Vanderbilt 42, Elon 31 – SUCCESS!

Utah State at Alabama – Don’t hurt yourself, Nick. But if Utah State wins, their AD is immediately hired.

Alabama 56, Utah State 10

Alabama 55, Utah State 0 – SUCCESS!

Memphis at Mississippi State – The Maroons had one stolen from them last year against the Tigers. Some really bad call or something. Eh, they deserve it. I hope it happens again. It won’t. We aren’t that lucky.

Mississippi State 38, Memphis 17

Mississippi State 49, Memphis 23 – SUCCESS!

Georgia State at South Carolina – Arkansas, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and South Carolina. They are all the sexy pick to be a dark horse. It’s lazy, and it makes me sports hate them all. Georgia State is a great program and any team would be lucky to beat them. I am not speaking from experience at all, or anything.

South Carolina 17, Georgia State 14

South Carolina 35, Georgia State 14 – SUCCESS!

Mercer at Auburn – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: it’s gonna look good. Not sure what it will mean, but it’s gonna look good.

Auburn 56, Mercer 7

Auburn 42, Mercer 16 – SUCCESS!


Florida State vs. LSU (New Orleans) – I had no idea this was happening. I love these games that look great 5-10 years ago, but then they’re terrible and the winner will be propped up by beating a name earlier in the season. The Seminoles are worse than LSU.

LSU 24, Florida State 14

Florida State 24, LSU 23 – FAILURE

Other Games of Note

West Virginia at Pitt (9/1) – I have never hated West Virginia. I think I just love John Denver and the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. But I will turn on them as soon as it helps Auburn. I’m just saying I don’t hate them. I have never liked Pitt. Go ‘eers.

West Virginia 27, Pitt 17

Pitt 38, West Virginia 31 – FAILURE

Notre Dame at Ohio State – This one might be big or something. Ohio State will look like a team from the SEC. Notre Dame won’t.

Ohio State 38, Notre Dame 21

Ohio State 21, Notre Dame 10 – SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2022 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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