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Four Ways to Make this Auburn Football Season More Fun

With all of the controversy surrounding Bryan Harsin over the offseason, 2022 could be an up-and-down season on The Plains. But no matter what happens, there are plenty of ways to make it a fun year as a fan.

How to Make the 2022 Season Fun…No Matter What

I don’t know if I can ever recall an Auburn offseason quite like the one we’ve been through thus far. (And we haven’t even made it to fall camp yet.) In case you’ve been intentionally tuning out the news – which, who could blame you – here’s a quick rundown of some of what’s happened since the season ended in December:

  • Transfer galore. Bo Nix? Gone. Kobe Hudson? Gone. Ladarius Tennison? Gone. Shaun Shivers? Gone. Tashawn Manning? Gone. The list goes on and on. New transfer rules have totally changed the landscape of college football and our football team has certainly felt the impact. To be fair, we’ve also picked up some pretty promising transfers, including quarterback Zach Calzada, defensive back DJ James, and linebacker Eugene Asante.
  • Harsin drama. I’m not sure there’s much more commentary that can be added here that hasn’t already been covered ad nauseum. Some unfortunate things happened – and it’s not clear precisely what’s true and what’s speculative – and Harsin is still the coach. It’s in everyone’s best interest to rally behind him.
  • QB competition. The quarterback competition will almost certainly extend into the fall. Four candidates are vying for the job, with no clear front runner at this point. It’s T.J. Finley, Robby Ashford, Holden Eriner, and the aforementioned Calzada.

All the while, Auburn’s men’s basketball team was ranked number one in the country for many weeks and won a regular season SEC Championship before a premature exit in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. 

To say it’s been an interesting offseason would be an understatement (to say the least). But that doesn’t mean the 2022 football season has to be a dud. There’s plenty of promise on the roster, and it’s entirely possible that the guys rally behind Coach Harsin and turn a few heads. 

However, that’s not what this article is about. This article is something much deeper. It’s about learning to fall in love with Auburn football all over again – even if the results on the field don’t live up to the larger expectations. Here are several ways to make this football season fun…no matter what.

  • Start a New Tailgate Tradition

We all get stuck in our ways. We do something once on a game day, and it becomes a tradition for years. But perhaps 2022 is the season to try something new? Whether it’s attending the Tiger Walk, nabbing a spot on the library lawn, or having a glass of lemonade from Toomer’s Corner before the game, I’d encourage you to start a new tradition this year.

  • Try Sporttrade

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume that you don’t need much added incentive to watch college football – especially Auburn football – but it never hurts! A good way to make this next season a bit more interesting would be through downloading a sports wagering app, more specifically, Sporttrade. Sporttrade is an exchange platform that allows customers to trade throughout the entire game! That way, if and when Auburn starts blowing a solid lead, you can buy and sell out of our position and potentially still make a profit! 

It’ll have you glued to the action all season long.

  • Buy Season Tickets

Don’t wait until we’re back to winning 10 and 11 games consistently to buy season tickets. Now is the time to grab some tickets for the family and secure your place. If you’ve held season tickets in the past, try a new location in the stadium for a different viewing experience. 

  • Plan a Road Trip

How many SEC football stadiums have you seen? Better yet, how many have you not seen? Whether it’s Athens and Oxford or Nashville and Tuscaloosa, I believe every stadium is worth a visit. Pick a road game this season and bring some family and friends together for a road trip. It’ll be one of the highlights of your year.

War Eagle, Folks

We’ve been to the mountaintop before – and you don’t even have to look back that far. There was the 2004 undefeated season and SEC title, the 2010 SEC title and National Championship, the 2013 SEC title and BCS National Championship Game berth, etc. In other words, things aren’t as dire as they might seem at the moment. 

We can (and will) return to the top of the college football world at some point soon. For now, let’s learn to appreciate the small things and enjoy the pageantry of the season.


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