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How to win in Darts?

Dart is one of the exciting, inexpensive game, which is fun to play solo or with a bunch of friends. But if you are a beginner, then let alone bull’s eye you might not even hit the dartboard. So, here we are to provide you with some tips to start your winning streak in the game of darts.

Tips for winning the game of darts:

  1. By heart the Rules: The first thing to know about any game is that you must be through with the rules of the game. Hence in the case of darts too, it is mandatory to know the rules so that you could score and avoid the penalties and disqualification when playing. So to by heart the rules you can visit 1Hattrick – which provides all the details of different games which can be played in dart and the set of rules to be followed.


  1. Understand the Scoring in Dartboard: After coming across the rules of the game, it is really important to understand how the scoring is done in the game. The dartboard is divided into various segments- the outer strip accounts for double the points. The next area fetches single points. The next strip gives triple points when hit by the dart. The next area again fetches single points. This area is then followed by the green bull’s eye which gives 25 points. The red bull’s eye provides 50 points.


  1. Practice the throw: Ensure you get a grip on your hand and eye coordination to get the perfect throw. Observe the professionals or any seasoned player to perfect your posture, throw and your stance while playing. A keen observer often cracks the secrets of the game. And at last, try to perfect your throw by practising it often.


  1. Practice makes one Perfect: You will automatically get a hang of the game as soon as you will start practising, it is best if you play a solo game when starting out. It will make you understand the game and your technique easily. Practice different throws, grips and playing from various distances. The game enhances the motor skills in the person and you get better control over your senses. Once you get comfortable with the game, you can play the game with the bunch of your friends.


  1. Understand your technique: To become a pro in the game of darts, it’s important to first understand your technique and playing style. Practice your style and observe what can you change or improve to fetch more points. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of your playing style to ensure you get better points while playing. After a few throws, you might understand if you are aiming higher or lower this will only improve if you practice and understand your playing technique.


  1. Buy the Game: You will understand the game better only when you play it regularly hence for that it’s very simple to buy the game and not depend on going to the pub or sports bar for it. It’s a very cheap game and while starting out you can opt for a not very expensive dartboard and later on you can invest your money in a better dartboard when you get confident in your game.


  1. Setting the Dartboard: Setting the dartboard is one of the important points. The board is to be placed so that the red bull’s eye is 1.73m above the ground.  Players should stand on the oche or the throw line, which is 38 mm high, but if you are a beginner then any mark on the ground will be fine for casual playing. The front of the oche should be 2.37m from the front of the board. These markings are to be followed if you want to play like a pro.


Be careful to put the board out of the way area. Ensure that people don’t walk too close to the person who is throwing. Make sure you do the setting of the board in the place which is not a frequent passage.

We hope that all these tips make you an expert in the game of darts and when playing in groups your friends and family fight to get you in their team. Remember the universal key to success is just diligent practice. But don’t forget to enjoy while playing.




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