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Ranking the SEC After Week 10

There are quite a few movements since last week. The best and most accurate ranking is starting to take shape, but even some spots and the top are up for grabs.


1. Georgia (9-0)

The Bulldogs best win this season is at Auburn, and it’s not even close.

(Last week: #1, beat Missouri 43-6)

2. Alabama (8-1)

The Aggies should be higher than Alabama, but I deep down believe Texas A&M is not better than Alabama… or Auburn.

(Last week: #2, beat LSU 20-14)

3. Texas A&M (7-2)

I don’t believe this.

(Last week: #4, beat Auburn 20-3)

4. Auburn (6-3)

It was a bad day that was still a close loss on the road after their bye week.

(Last week: #3, lost at Texas A&M 20-3)

5. Ole Miss (7-2)

A 13-point over High Freeze’s team? Was this charity?

(Last week: #5, beat Liberty 27-14)

6. Arkansas (6-3)

This is a good year for Arkansas. It’s about the best they’ll ever be, but it’s good for them.

(Last week: #7, beat Mississippi State 31-28)

7. Mississippi State (5-4)

The Maroons lost a tough one to the Maroons. I don’t think they are as scary as people try to make them.

(Last week: #6, lost at Arkansas 31-28)

8. Kentucky (6-3)

It’s basketball season.

(Last week: #8, lost to Tennessee 45-42)

9. LSU (4-5)

I almost moved them up for hanging with Alabama, but that would insinuate that hanging with Alabama means you’re actually that good.

(Last week: #9, lost at Alabama 20-14)

10. Tennessee (5-4)

Beating Kentucky in a barn-burner isn’t supposed to be exciting.

(Last week: #11, beat Kentucky 45-42)

11. South Carolina (5-4)

Can you give the Gamecocks that much credit for beating a team that’s quit (and had the flu)?

(Last week: #13, beat Florida 40-17)

12. Florida (4-5)

You have quit.

(Last week #10, lost at South Carolina 40-17)

13. Missouri (4-5)

You led Georgia for a minute.

(Last week: #12, lost at Georgia 43-6)

14. Vanderbilt (2-7)

Well, the Commodores didn’t lose.

(Last week: #14, bye week)

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