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What colleges have produced the most NFL talents?

All colleges strive to recruit the best talents in each area. However, some colleges pride themselves on finding the best football players for their teams. In fact, the reputation of a college team is often determined by how many players have later moved to the NFL. So colleges do their best to find, train, and prepare their players for a great future in sports. All of these steps are not easy. They require dedication, hard work, and a good eye for talent. Though, once you establish a reputation as a strong recruiter, all your players have an easier time being noticed and drafted to NFL teams. Here are the colleges which recruited and produced the most NFL talents over the years.

Penns State University—University Park

Over the past decade, Pennsylvania State University has produced 31 NFL players, which is a really impressive number. Penn State enrolls over 46,000 students. So finding the best talents in such a sea is a demanding job. Fortunately, the Penn State Nittany Lions can offer a good start for future NFL stars. The team has a good reputation and strong history record, including 50 bowl games. It’s quite a good platform to get noticed, but too overcrowded, so each player has a chance to shine.

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma has slightly above 27,000 students enrolled. Yet, it has also managed to produce 31 NFL players over the last ten years. Such a number certainly speaks volumes of the team’s dedication to greatness. Since the foundation of the team in 1903, the Sooners have played 54 bowl games and claimed a total of 870 game victories. Over the last five years, the university has also won two Heisman Trophies in a row, which is a rare charm. No wonder this school is quite a factory for NFL big players.

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Sure enough, we have to include the Wolverines on such a list. After all, they’ve sent no less than 32 players to the professional league over the past ten years. In addition, the team has brought home over 940 wins. They also participated in eleven national championships over the years, starting from the establishment of the club. There is little to surprise, though. A team with such a history had all kinds of achievements over the decades. You may even find an essay writing service on to order a research paper on Wolverines’ success from a reliable source.

The University of Notre Dame (IN)

With a total enrollment of slightly over 12,000 people, the University of Notre Dame managed to produce 34 NFL players over a decade. Though, it is not such a shock to any long-time fans. After all, ND has always shown strong support to its football team, the Fighting Irish. Over a century, they’ve collected over 865 wins and played in thirteen national championships, though the last one was more than 30 years ago.

Fun fact: Did you know that the University of Notre Dame has the highest number of NFL drafts in American history? Indeed, this school gave the professional league no less than 522 great players over the year. So, we have a lot to be thankful to ND. It has been the powerhouse creating some of the best seasons and most memorable players, including such legends as Tim Brown and Joe Montana.

University of Georgia

Who doesn’t know about the Bulldogs? This team has produced 35 NFL players recently. That’s the way to cement your name in professional football history. The most recent names include the quarterback Matthew Stafford and James Cook. Currently, over 50 graduates from the University of Georgia play in more than 20 NFL teams. The Bulldogs have 57 bowl appearances and more than 800 wins over 120 years in college football.

University of Alabama

The Crimson Tide has given the professional football scene 53 players over the past ten years. It’s quite an impressive number for a single college team. However, it’s nothing new for the university. It has been quite a powerhouse for the professional football scene since the beginning. Overall, they have 75 representatives of the school in the NFL in the ongoing season. Any high school football player would be happy to see Crimson Tide recruits in their game. Getting to that team (which carries 18 national titles!) is like receiving a power kick to the NFL in several years.

Wrapping up

These have been some of the most promising and influential college football teams to produce the most NFL players. Of course, not all great schools and teams have made it to that list. Fortunately, you can go to sites like and find writers who will be happy to help you with your research.









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