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Your Go-To Cricket Betting Guide

With origins recording back to 18th century England, cricket is one of the oldest sports. Whether you are a fan of the support, a beginner or professional player, or simply looking to learn more about betting, this guide can be your go-to help.

In this complete guide, we’ll provide betting enthusiasts of all levels the knowledge needed to start and stay in the game. Below, you can find select information linking to betting strategy, free cricket betting tips, and more.

Cricket Betting Strategy

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced veteran with years of betting tucked away under your belt, there are always some betting tips that can help you improve. Mentioned below are popular cricket bets:

Match Betting

The most popular style of cricket wager is match betting. This is a simple bet as the bettor will only have to choose from three distinct results. They are:

  • The home team will win
  • The away team will win
  • The match will end in a draw

Due to the plainness of this bet, it has easily become a go-to for the betting enthusiast in the cricket crowd.

Completed Match

When it comes to one day matches, you can put a bet on whether the game will finish or not. A lot of circumstances come into play with this bet, such as the weather or players.

So, if you believe that the weather may hinder the game ending that very day, then you may want to place a bet that the match will not be completed.

Bet on cricket with the top online sportsbooks that offer the odds you can hardly resist.

Tied Match

Another uncomplicated cricket match wager is the tied match bet. Here you will simply bet yes or no if you think that the match will finish off in a tie.

Innings Runs

In this case, you will have to correctly predict the number of scores, otherwise known as runs, that will be recorded in the first innings of the match. Some sportsbooks classify this bet as an over/under wager. If that is the case, the sportsbook will post a number of runs. Afterward, you will simply wager if you think that the real amount of runs scored will be over or under the number represented by the sportsbook.

Top Bowler

If your preference involves placing a wager on some specific players, then top bowler bet is the way to go. With this bet, you can select the player that you believe will take the most wickets throughout a match or series. If you are able to pick correctly which player from either team will earn this title, you will be compensated with a pleasant payout from the sportsbook.

Top Batsman

Another player oriented wager is the top batsman bet. For this wager, you will have to correctly select which player will score the most goals during a match or series to receive winnings. This wager is more hard to predict, it often has higher payouts for winners.

Team of Top Batsman

The prior bet can be daunting to take on, this is why the team of top batsman bet is easier to nudge your way into. Here you have to choose the team that the top batsman will come from. The cricket odds seem pretty good here since you will only have to choose from two teams.

Bowler Match Bets

In the bowler match bets, you can pick one of two players that will probably take the most wickets in the match or series.

Batsman Match Bets

Similar to the bowler match bet, batsman match bets made it easier for bettors to get in the game. Here you will have to select the player that may score the most runs during the game.

Tournament Outright Winner

This is the most daring and exciting of most bets. Here you will have to pick the outright winner of that tournament. When placing the bet, the sportsbook will present the list of the associated lines for all of the teams in the tournament. After viewing all the teams, you can select the team that you think will win.

Series Winner

In the fabulous game of cricket, often two teams may enter into a series of matches, meaning they will often play multiple games in a row. When placing a bet, in this case, you will be choosing the two teams that hold top places at the end of the series of matches. Keep in mind that you are picking the winner for the entire series, instead of just one winning individual.

Series Score

This is a rather challenging way to enter the betting game. With the series score betting system, you will be betting on the final overall score of the series. The options from the sportsbook show how many matches each team will win in the series. All that is left for you to do is simply pick one that you think will be the end result.

Method of Dismissal

This is for the fans of live betting systems. The method of dismissal wager will have you glued to the screen, as you will have to decide how a batsman in the crease will end up being dismissed.

There are the following possible outcomes that you will have to choose from: caught, bowled, run out, LBW, stumped, or other. Once you choose the right format of dismissal, you can be looking at some significant winnings.

Betting in this sport is a fun and excellent way to help you get more involved in one of the oldest sports out there.

Whether betting on cricket or betting, in general, is something new to you, make sure that you perform the necessary research for online cricket game rules and betting tips and take it one step at a time. Start betting with small amounts of money and focus on some of the simpler wagers methods as mentioned above.



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