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Auburn Closing in on Top Recruiting Prospects

The Auburn Tigers were hot on the recruiting trail last week as they hosted the number one prospect in Alabama, Justyn Ross this past weekend. Ross had the opportunity to visit Clemson or Alabama, but chose to visit Auburn because he had already been to Clemson and Alabama.

The Tigers did their part in impressing Ross, defeating Mississippi State 49-10 in a game that was never in doubt. After their convincing win against the 24th ranked Bulldogs, the college football odds for next Auburn game will heavily favor the Tigers when they take on Ole Miss this week.

Ross, who is one of the top receiver prospects in the country, spent a lot of time with wide receivers coach Kodi Burns before and after the game. He also spent some time with head coach Gus Malzahn, which let him know the Tigers consider him a priority.

When asked by reporters, Ross said he wanted to visit Auburn because he had already been to Clemson and Alabama, but hadn’t visited Auburn this year, and wanted to separate the schools. Ross added that when he spoke with Malzahn, the coach told him the Tigers are pretty thin at the receiver position but have a lot of depth at the quarterback position, which will make him a great fit for the school.

The Tigers coaches also did their part in showing Ross a lot of attention over the weekend. Burns showed up at Ross’ game and got to witness what the recruit can do first hand. Ross scored on a long touchdown and returned a punt for a touchdown in the game.

After the game, Ross said it was great to see the Auburn coach in the stands because it showed him that he was important enough to them to come watch him play.

Even though he has admitted that he loves Auburn, Ross wasn’t shy about sharing some of his concerns. His biggest concern was the team’s passing game because they have a new offensive coordinator and quarterback.

Against Mississippi State, the Tigers threw for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns with eight different receivers catching passes. After the game, Ross said he thought the offense played very well and the defense also held up their end. He added that the team showed him they can pass the ball around and get receivers involved in the offense, which was what he wanted to see.

There is still a lot of time for Clemson, Alabama, and Auburn to make their case because Ross doesn’t plan on making a decision until National Signing Day. He also still has some official visits to make, so there’s a chance another school can come into play at the last minute.

Auburn does have an advantage because Ross and his family were very comfortable on the Plains.

Ross isn’t the only recruit the Tigers have their eyes on. Offensive lineman Carter Colquitt, who visited the Tigers during week 1, had some concerns about their offense at the time, but after five weeks of action, has named the Tigers as his top destination. However, he won’t be eligible to play until the 2019 season.

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