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Join the 2019-20 War Blogle Bowl Pick ’em

The 2019-20 bowl season starts this Friday, December 20. We have two games that day that you’ll probably start watching because you’re excited it’s football and then realize you have better things to do. Last year we had one of the biggest War Blogle Bowl Pick ’ems ever, but I’m looking for bigger things this season.


As you’ve done or should’ve done in the past, head on over to my ESPN group and start picking. I’ve set it up with confidence points, so you’ll need to set that as well. You’ll need an account, but that takes two seconds, so no excuses. If it asks you for a group password, it’s warblogle. If you’ve been in the pick ’em before, you may see a ‘Rejoin’ button. If you see that button, click it.

The overall winner will win an Auburn Hover Helmet. The next few may get some stickers or something. The good stuff.

I’ll post the standings as we go along, so you can see how impressively I’m doing from the top. Again, the games start on December 20th so get to picking. Prizes. Competition. Do it.

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