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Auburn players that could attract the NBA’s top league recruiters

Auburn is having a very good season so far in college basketball. Sitting at the top of the South Eastern Conference, their 9-0 record to date makes for very good reading. Many fans are even starting to use sports betting sites to back the team to win, such is their current good form. Whether it is PA sports betting or sports betting in another state, backing them to win right now could be a good move.

Of course, it is the players who have to take much of the credit for this amazing run. After having such a good year last time out, many wondered if they would be able to enjoy similar success this season. This was especially true when key players declared for the 2019 NBA draft and had to be replaced by coach Bruce Pearl. To say he has managed to do this is a real understatement. The downside for Pearl is that he might once more have NBA teams checking out his latest batch of star players to sign-up.

But who could the top NBA recruiters be looking at from Auburn?

Samir Doughty

One of the best Tigers players who will soon attract interest from NBA teams is point guard Samir Doughty. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, he has the physique to handle himself on the court and is not pushed off the ball easily. It is his offensive game that really catches the eye and that has been standing out this year so far. In the win against Colgate for example, he scored 20 points from only 13 shots. Whether from the floor or beyond the arc, his shooting is usually accurate and sees him rack up points in most games he plays. With good movement around the court, this is a player you could easily see being picked up by any number of NBA teams.

Isaac Okoro

Another top player for Auburn who is sure to draw NBA interest is Okoro. This 215 pound forward is a real talent and has class written all over him. Strong, quick and with great ball-handling skills, he has what it takes to become a pro baller. Okoro is a brilliant defender and seems to like the physical nature which this side of the game involves. He has a real knack for defending the point of attack and holding his ground inside. Offensively, he has good vision and a decent range of passing although his shooting could be better. This is something that any decent NBA team can help him work on in the future though. For his sheer versatility, this Auburn star will likely get the NBA call.

Austin Wiley

It is already known that Austin Wiley is a player on the radar of NBA teams after being invited to declare for the 2019 draft. Although he decided to return for another year at Auburn instead in 2019/20, it is pretty sure he will get the call again. A very effective center, Wiley stands at 6 feet 11 inches and weighs 260 pounds. This makes him a strong and tough customer to face and not someone who can easily be bypassed by other players. The result of this is that he helps to make Auburn better defensively and this is sure to be a side of his game that NBA teams would love to call on.

J’Von McCormick

McCormick is another very important player for Auburn and is someone who would easily fit in with pro teams. A recent game against Saint Louis showed his game in its best light – during his 31 minutes on court, he hit four out of eight 3 pointers on his way to netting 20 points. This shows just what an accurate shot he has and what a destructive player he can be. McCormick also has the aggression to his game that all players need to handle themselves in the pro leagues. He is also a player who works hard and shows real leadership when out on court at point guard. This means he possesses a valuable set of skills that NBA recruiters could be looking for at the next NBA draft.

NBA draft 2020 could be big for some Auburn players

There is no doubt that the above players from Auburn have the ability and talent to make it at a pro-NBA team. If they continue to play well for the rest of this season, there is every reason to believe they could be invited to declare for the next draft in 2020. If this does happen, it will be exciting to see which players make it and go all the way to the top.






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