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Current Auburn prospects who could make it in the big leagues

The Auburn Tigers have a range of sports teams on offer. As with any college, they have players who have the ability to move into the big leagues, whether it is the NFL, the NBA, or any other big league. With their current rosters looking stronger than they have done for a long time, it is safe to say that there are a number of players who could make the move.

Which players have the best chance of making the step up from the Auburn ranks? Here are a couple of players who we think have the best chance of making the move to the big leagues in their respective sports.

Bo Nix – football

Bo Nix is a quarterback who has a lot of pedigree as well as a lot of interest. There were a number of different institutions looking at Nix, and the feeling is that with his attributes, he could be a potential early-round NFL draft pick in the future. He is accurate with short and long throws, he has good size without being immobile, and he is stocky enough to eat up hits. While he is physically fast, he matches it with his mental quickness. His ability to think on his feet gives him an extra half a second over other players.

It is no surprise that Nix was looked at by a number of colleges – his father is Patrick Nix, a former quarterback for Auburn as well as a long-term coach at both high school and college levels. Despite the wide range of interest in Nix, his father’s history with Auburn meant that there was only ever one place he was going to choose. He looks to cement a legacy that his father started and hopes to make the move into the NFL in the coming years – this is especially expected due to his position of 23rd on the ESPN 300.

Isaac Okoro – basketball

Auburn are playing some of their best ever basketball. A lot of this is down to Isaac Okoro performing to an incredibly high level. Okoro has hit position 40 on the ESPN 100, showing that he is one of the top prospects for the future of the NBA. Standing at 6’5, Okoro is a superb defensive player. He excels at rebounds and in guard positions. If he can improve on his offensive play, then there is a good chance that Okoro can make the cut in the NBA draft over the coming years. He adds to his ability as a defensive player with a large amount of stamina that helps him to keep getting up and down the court. This makes him a nightmare for the opposition but a delight for players on his team.

That Auburn had to fight off interest from a number of other colleges shows just how much potential this young man has. Auburn have had the benefit of his ability in their games so far this season, and as he has a multi-year college deal, they clearly have a lot of faith in his ability. He definitely has the ability to make the step up to the NBA – all he needs to do is continue to work hard and that dream should come true in the future.

Tanner Burns – baseball

It has been a fantastic season so far for Tanner Burns. The young pitcher has been on fire, and with his fantastic performance against UTSA last week, he seems to making a case for being not only the star of Auburn but also the whole nation. Where last year, first pick Casey Mize put up a 9.75 K/BB ratio – among the best in the nation – Burns has stretched that to a jaw-dropping 12.33 K/BB. While it may still be a little early to call, even if his current form slumps slightly, Burns looks set to race his way to the top echelons of baseball excellence. It’s going to take some seriously dire fall from grace to stop this one.

Keeping up with tomorrow’s stars

Nix, Okoro and Burns are clearly all phenomenal in their respective sports, but let us not pretend that there aren’t any others out there. If you’re aiming to keep up with who looks promising in the remainder of the season, remember that while sports betting may not yet be legal in all states, it doesn’t stop you taking advantage of their experts. Just make sure that you find one that offers college betting, such as SugarHouse – and help yourself to a SugarHouse online casino bonus code while you’re over there.

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