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Nissan Murano Catalytic Converter Failure Symptoms & Solutions

If your Nissan Murano isn’t running quite right, it may be a problem with the catalytic converter. This issue can cause your SUV to have more harmful emissions, degraded performance and noisy exhaust. Fortunately, if you can troubleshoot the problem, you can fix it. Before you head to the auto parts store, however, read on to learn the symptoms and solutions for catalytic converter failure.

Signs Your Catalytic Converter Has Failed

Catalytic converters fail sometimes. They are finely-balanced exhaust components that rely on rare, reactive metals to convert harmful emissions into air, water and carbon dioxide. Additionally, they have a lifespan of about 100,000 miles. This may vary a little depending on maintenance and the quality of the part.

The main indicator of a failed catalytic converter is a check engine light and diagnostic trouble code. Of course, you may need to troubleshoot the problem even if you don’t have a code scanner handy. Additionally, there are a few problems that may not set a code properly. In short, it is good to know the symptoms of a failed cat.

  • The vehicle struggles to start.
  • The engine misfires.
  • The engine doesn’t produce much power even when accelerating hard.
  • The vehicle fails an emissions test.
  • There is a strange noise and/or smell coming from the exhaust.
  • The vehicle’s fuel efficiency drops.

These signs may indicate a failed catalytic converter. It is worth noting, however, that other problems can cause them as well. Examine the cat for any physical damage and scan your codes if you notice these symptoms.

Fixing a Failed Catalytic Converter

To fix a completely failed catalytic converter, you will need to replace it. Use a VIN number scanner at your favorite auto parts store to find the right parts for your model and year of Nissan Murano.

Changing your catalytic converter is something you can do in your own garage with some tools and jack stands. However, it involves an O2 sensor. So, if you aren’t confident, consider picking up one of the best Nissan Murano catalytic converters and bringing it to a trusted mechanic for installation.

The problem may also be a clogged cat. This can be fixed in some cases. One strategy you should try is an “Italian tune-up.” Pretend you’re a Ferrari mechanic and drive your vehicle hard for a few miles. This will heat up the cat and help unclog it.

You can also try manually cleaning it. However, this can cause damage if you do it improperly. So, it may be worth simply replacing the catalytic converter. Another option is to use a fuel additive designed for cleaning out the exhaust and cat.

Get Started

Working on your vehicle is fun and rewarding. You’ll feel great when you get your Nissan Murano back on the road having fixed an issue with it. While a catalytic converter replacement may be a little challenging for beginners, there are plenty of other maintenance tasks anyone can do. For example, you can change your oil or brake pads. Start wrenching on your vehicle today and see what you can achieve.

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