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5 Tips to Improve Your Swing Plane

Out of all the golf swing basics, the swing plane is the most misunderstood and the most underrated. Yet it remains the component of golfing that forms an incredibly important aspect of every well-rounded swing. A swing plane defines the type of shot a golfer takes, the shape, trajectory, and consistency. Maintaining a consistent swing plane is the only thing that separates excellent golfers from the crowd. Here are the five tips to help you improve your swing plane.

1. Have the Correct Setup

A swing plane is always determined quite a bit by the type of grip, and the angles that your shoulders, hips, and spine create define the club swing. For instance, a golfer who is tall and makes an upright setup will more likely have an upright takeaway and backswing. While upright golfers tend to initiate downswing moves, golfers with spine tilt tend to consider flatter swing planes. This is because the key to a successful flatter plane is to maintain the spine angle, which helps prevent alteration of the downswing plane, negatively impacting the shot. Therefore, mastering your setup will dramatically improve the swing plane.

2. Maintain the Club Angle

Regardless of the way your club swings right back, ensure that it remains on the same plane angle at address. This angle maintenance will help you establish the proper plane and remain consistent in ball striking. Most golfers ruin their shots by using their arms or hands to “place” the club in the required position. To successfully keep the club on the swing plane, have the correct setup to enable rotation of the bigger muscles at the shoulders and hips during the swing. The correct setup will also allow you to make a successful backswing with complete shoulder and hip turn this will ensure you get to the right angle. You can check out this website for more information.

3. Add a Towel to Your Strong Arm

The most common mistake that golfers make on a swing plane is the inside-out motion, which causes a push. This can simply be corrected by placing a towel under the arm with the most strength (left arm for the lefties and right arm for the righties). Focus on the towel and ensure it does not fall. This will ensure that your arm remains in contact with your body, thus, preventing a dreaded slice. With the right arm positioning, a golfer will ensure the club remains on the inside plane, keeping the ball on the target line.

4. Check Your Hand Placement

Before hitting the ball, check your hand placement. When the hands stay higher or too low during the swing, they will begin moving too quickly, and close down at impact, thus, creating a strong hook. Raise your hands until you feel a little discomfort. Now take your next swing. This quick-fix will see the ball staying on the right target line while preventing the hooking.

5. Relax and have Fun

The easiest way to maintain a proper golf swing plane is to position yourself in a relaxed manner. When pulling the club, put more weight from the opposite side i.e., from the left side for righties and from the right side for lefties. Now allow the club to follow your rotation and be pulled by the natural centrifugal force, releasing it through to the finish.


Understanding how to apply the right moves to a swing plane is essential if you want to be among the best golfers. By proper sequencing, the swing plane always takes care of itself. The five steps outlined are the best way to improve your golfing skills today.

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