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2019 War Blogle Bracket Challenge Final Results

The NCAA Tournament ended Monday. It is Friday and I’m just now getting around to posting this because I’m still sore.

Congratulations to Neil Olson, who has won his very own Auburn Hover Helmet. The rest of the top three have won some pretty cool Auburn Rock ’em Socks as well. Nowhere else can you get this caliber of prizes. Note: I almost threw this contest out because they all picked Virginia to win.

If you don’t see yourself here, go find your name in the full standings.

In the money bracket, we had a decent group. Some of y’all need to come off that $10 next time and make this thing real. Either way, congrats to Drew Hooper. He wins $150. That could be you. View the full standings here.

Thanks to everyone that joined. It was a great turnout and a great tournament with a sad ending. Until next year…

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