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Ranking the SEC After Week 12

After the 12th week of the season, we know who is bad, and we know who is probably the best. But if you want to know who the 2-7 teams are, I don’t really know. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.

1. Alabama (11-0)

The Tide were tied with the Citadel at halftime. That should knock them out of the Playoffs. It was a fun ride.

Last week: ranked #1, beat The Citadel 50-17

2. Georgia (10-1)

You gave up 27 points to UMass? Where was that last week?

Last week: ranked #2, beat UMass 66-27

3. LSU (9-2)

The corndogs pummeled Rice like it was in a bowl of gumbo.

Last week: ranked #3, beat Rice 42-10

4. Auburn (7-4)

Auburn did what they were supposed to do leading in to Iron Bowl Week.

Last week: ranked #4, beat Liberty 53-0

5. Texas A&M (7-4)

The Aggies were able to show UAB what a decent level of football feels like.

Last week: ranked #5, beat UAB 41-20

6. Mississippi State (7-4)

I wasn’t expecting this one. Apparently Arkansas can’t stop a one-dimensional offense at all.

Last week: ranked #6, beat Arkansas 52-6

7. Kentucky (8-3)

The Wildcats were able to bounce back and win a football game during basketball season.

Last week: ranked #7, beat Middle Tennessee 34-23

8. Missouri (7-4)

A week after Tennessee handled Kentucky, the Tigers absolutely destroyed the Vols. I guess they aren’t back just yet.

Last week: ranked #8, beat Tennessee 50-17

9. Florida (8-3)

Who cares?

Last week: ranked #9, beat Idaho 63-10

10. South Carolina (6-4)

Oh cool…

Last week: ranked #10, beat Chattanooga 49-9

11. Tennessee (5-6)

Yeah, they aren’t back.

Last week: ranked #11, lost to Missouri 50-17

12. Vanderbilt (5-6)

Look at the Dores getting out of the cellar.

Last week: ranked #14, beat Ole Miss 36-29

13. Ole Miss (5-6)

I talked good about Ole Mis last week, and then they go and lose to Vandy.

Last week: ranked #11, lost at Vanderbilt 36-29

14. Arkansas (2-9)

Well I thought Arkansas was the best 2-win team in the nation, but I think that distinction is gone.

Last week: ranked #13, Lost at Mississippi State 52-6

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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J. Scott Stephenson 11/20/2018 at 9:22 pm

You are stupid as hell if you think this AU team is better than Fla, Ky or MSt. You will probably pick Auburn to win this week. I expect us to lose by 24 if not more.


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